Safe to machine wash/dry polyester, silk, nylon blanket?

EvanjalineRoseAugust 7, 2011

The blanket is 41% polyester, 33% nylon, 16% silk, and 10% metalized polyester. The tag says dry clean only, but I assume that's because of the silk. Since most of the blanket is washable material, would it be alright to put this in the washer and dryer, or maybe air dry?

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It's the metalized polyester that bothers me. I don't know what metalized polyester is, but if it's a metal thread it could really pull your blanket fibers short when washed. If it's a cherished blanket, I wouldn't put it in either the washer and certainly not the dryer. The silk, nylon, polyester don't bother me, but I think that metalized polyester could be a problem. Unless I'm really sure of the fabric content, if it says dry clean only -- that's what I do. Is there a way you can test a small corner with water to see what happens when wet?

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I've had to spot-treat before and the fabric didn't warp or tear or anything worrying. The metallized polyester is a metallic thread used in embroidery detail and some of the more fragile parts of the blanket. Do you think I could hand wash it, then? I have no problem with hand washing it, I just want it cleaned without having it saturated with chemicals.

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I probably wouldn't take the chance. I have successfully hand washed "dry clean only" silk without problem and I have successfully hand washed small pieces of needlework with metallic thread without a problem. Where you might have a problem is when you have a variety of opposing threads going their own way when wet (silk, metal, nylon, etc).
Is the blanket badly soiled, or does it just need freshening? How about trying one of those dryer freshening products that don't use water or heat.
I guess it comes down to how much risk are you willing to take. If you hand wash it once and it turns out ok -- you'll know what to do in the future. If it turns out bad ...? I've also heard (may be a myth) that if you dry clean silk once, after that you can safely hand wash because the dry clean chemicals kind of "set" the threads so they won't pull up when wet. If you have a really trusted dry cleaner, maybe you can get honest advice from them. I'll be curious to know what you do and what happens. Good Luck!

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The metallic is probably "Lurex" thread. Some can be washed and some cannot. Depending on how much you value it, you could try washing, but I would get it dry cleaned unless I didn't care if it got ruined.

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