Happy 4th of July!!!

jasdipJuly 4, 2012

Best wishes to my friends south of the border! Have a joyous day today!!


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Thanks!!! I lived North of the border for a couple years and July always seemed to be missing something since not many celebrate July 1 like we do the 4th except the Newfoundlandies' Memorial Day.

Whatcha' all having to eat to celebrate? I've got steelhead from Chile to grill, smoked salmon from my sis in Juneau, fingerling potatoes in salad from local farmer with onions from my garden, heirloom tomatoes and basil from my garden and fresh mozzarella, corn on the cob that the opossum didn't get, and homemade "light" bread.


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Happy Canada Day!

Happy July 4th!

and soon

Happy Bastille Day!


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Happy Independence Day, everyone!

I don't know what we're having. DH has the day off, but I have to work, so he's volunteered to cook. I do know he's planning to buy a charcoal grill, since they're cheap. Our gas grill has died, and we just don't have it in the budget right now for a new one that's any good, so thus, the charcoal one. It's good to have one of each, anyway. So, we'll be having something grilled, and he's doing it, so I'm a happy camper, even if I do have to work.


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YES, Happy 4th To All.
Mother got us a whole package of Ballpark Franks,
YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM, (we haven't had those since
Thanksgiving). And she got REAL hot dog rolls,
(we usually use Wonder Bread slices).
As a side she got real Campbells brand
pork and beans instead of the store
brand she usually gets. I'm guessin that
she'll start boilin the dogs around 3 oclock,
and I can't wait. I'm not sure about
desert, but I think I saw her hide a pack
of Oreos, the other day. I wish the 4th
of July was everyday.

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Happy Independence Day to all!

And let's not forget to be grateful for that independence!

Nothing special on the menu here today,
Except maybe some BLT's
If there enough tomatoes left
that haven't cooked on the vine.

The heat here has been atrocious!


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Rusty, the heat here is atrocious too, and I have quarter sized tomatoes on the vine that I just keep sprinkling, hoping I'll get some ripe ones when it's time. MagicLand, my local farm market, says the first corn will be ready next week, so it's coming along.

The kids had chocolate crepes with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast with Grandma. We tried to add blueberries for "red, white and blue", but they looked terrible and the local ones aren't ready yet, so we had red and white and pretended that the Hershey's syrup was blue and we were color blind, LOL.

Thanks, Jasdip, and in honor of Canada Day, we had peameal bacon sandwiches for supper, I had a couple of big pork loins that had been brining since Saturday, and I sliced and packaged them today for the freezer, so we had a couple of "fresh" slices. I've never seen peameal bacon anywhere except Canada.

We had mocha shakes to go with the peameal sandwiches, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup blended with coffee. Not very much coffee for Bud and Makayla, more for Ashley, Amanda and I. Madison got a couple of bites of vanilla ice cream but she didn't like the coldness.

We spent most of the day in the pool, it was 97F by about 3 pm and my house isn't air conditioned, so we all just hung around, getting into and out of the pool and letting Madison nap in the shade of the lilac bushes.


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We cleaned the refrigerator today and had chicken salad on toast. I ground up (KA meat grinder attachment) leftover chicken that we had smoked, and I used the chopper attachment for my KA hand blender to chop the vegetables, which consisted of a Giardiniera salad plus celery, onion, and fresh oregano and thyme. I have tons of fresh oregano right now, and so it has been going into a lot of dishes, but it was particularly good in the chicken salad. This morning I found caterpillars on my dill and cilantro (which I have in the same pot on the shady side of the house), but fortunately they ate the top of the dill first, but really made a dint in it. I must have picked off at least 12 of them, and I'll check tomorrow morning for more. Weather was in the mid to upper 70s, and so it did not get hot in the house. I'm so glad I got the refrigerator reorganized, and I only had to throw out some old sauces. I did put a few things in the garage refrigerator, and I'll have to remember to check that more often as well. I had not used my KA chopper attachment before, and I really liked the way it chopped the vegetables for the chicken salad, and so I'll be using more often in the future.

I hope everyone else had a more eventful 4th than I did!


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Happy 4th to all!
Today's cooking consisted of the delicious watermelon/basil/feta/cucumber salad (sans olive oil and onions)that was suggested on the Father's Day thread. It passed muster and will be added to the menu more frequently. It was excellent! I also made a couple of batches of Ann T's chocolate chip meringue cookies. Both were brought as part of the the annual 4th potluck where DH and I contribute time & energy to the local firework display.

DH was there early to set up, but we had to hightail it over to DD's to wish them a happy anniversary and celebrate with more cookies. DGS #2 pronounced the cookies delicious and asked for them again soon!

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Publikman, I hope you didn't kill those caterpillars
that were on the dill. They turn into the Black
Swallowtail butterfly, one of the most beautiful of all.
See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Swallowtail

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