LG washing machine error help?

moonuserAugust 18, 2012

LG 2008 model WM2233H washing machine get's a "OE" error and I have to drain it from the filter and doesn't finish the spin cycle. No drain.. no spin I assume.

Filter isn't clogged.

Is the drain pump an issue with this model or suggestions please.

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Hi there. It means the drain pump is clogged or you could need a new drain pump. If it were me id just order a new pump and that would fix the problem first hand. Reason is, I had a maytag front load that stopped draining. So I took the time to take the whole pump apart and found a penny. Put the whole thing back together and it worked for a few weeks, but stopped again. Took it apart and found that the penny ate up the pump workings, the fins of the pump and it was barley pumping out water. So I ordered a new pump and installed myself. If I would have replaced it from day one I would have saved time and money. Because I had to use the laundry mat until I got the part.

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Thanks fastonetime;
How hard is it to replace the pump? Where can I download a manual if ness.

I'm somewhat mechanical as I've pulled wrench s on hot-rods ect. but never pulled a LG washer apart.

Thanks again for posting.

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Wait, wait before you order a new drain pump.

I also have a LG and this has happened to me a couple times. Was your washer full when this happened or off balance? Where you washing something bulky like a comforter? Do you make sure you drain the water out at least 2x a month?

This was when it happened to me and I've since learned never to have a high spin with bulky items. My pump was never clogged, as a matter of fact I hardly ever see anything to clean out the filter.

Drain the washer first to see if you have any recurring problem, if it continues to have a problem you might just need a new drain pump.

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Thanks for the heads up Idrmoflndryrm but, it was a half normal load of sheet's and a couple towels, half load by our standards.

I've cleared the drain twice but nothing bad in there. I also was told to un-plug the washer and hold the start button 10 secs and did that after (once again) draining the water out and looking at the filter.

Nothing to date has fixed the issue, I

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It starts like normal as the image provides and few min later the washer stopped with error code OE.

Has others had drain pump problems?

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Did you drain the water either while the machine was on pause or either while cycle is still going.

I've done both after which once I drained the water the cycle corrected itself and proceeded into the spin cycle and time countdown.

Also try lowering the spin speed. I see in this pic the selection is on high and it looks like you're washing a large load. Larger loads have the tendency to go off-balance causing the machine to retain water hence the error code. Either reduce the amount you put in your loads and/or spin speed.

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Don't understand what you mean by drain water "on pause" or while cycle is still going??

I'm using a very small load of two face towels and two pair of socks.
I've lowered the spin option to "Low" spin but alwas get the same results.

Start the wash, after a few mins, it makes a sound and stops showing the "OE" error. I have to hit the start button to turn off. I drain the water out via the hose next to the filter.

Please explain what & when you did the draining?


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That button you see in your picture with the blue triangle and double lines is your pause button but don't worry about that for now.

While the cycle is going or in your case that error code comes up, go down to the lower front left side of the washer where the drain hose is and just drain the water from there. Place the top back on the hose once it's through draining through the hose and place back in position. This should get the cycle going again. You must drain the water.

If not then use the pause button to change the spin speed to a lower option.

Don't start the wash over.

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If you keep starting the load over all you're doing is adding more water to the wash and the problem will still persist so don't start the wash over just drain the water while on the same cycle.

If these things still don't work I suggest breaking the load in two. Just press pause (start button) and remove enough clothing so you can see the top half of the tub.

From your picture you have a very full load up to the top of the rim. I guess this could be a different load but if you call that small then I see where you're having a problem.

Now if none of these things still aren't working for you then just call a technician. Good luck.

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Any tip's on getting the spring ring properly installed around the boot?

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spring boot ring is a PAIN end THE Rs.......period!!

It's done and everything is back working again.

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A spring expansion tool helps to get the boot back on, but you don't need it now maybe next time. lol

Great glad you're good to go. :)

So remember if you wash a large load without selecting the Bulky/Large load option make sure you use medium or below spin options. The slower spin helps keep the machine from going off balance and getting that error code.

I have a feeling a lot of people have wasted money on new pumps when all they had to do is try these remedies, and of course the repairmen aren't going to tell you this. I learned this out of pure panic on my own.

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One needs 4 hands and a soft bladed dinner knife to the spring ring bugger on there.

I'm going to produce the ohm reading of the default pump and going to get this thing apart to take a look at the windings, armature and magnets in a effort to find out what happened.

Paying amost grand for this washer is nut's!!

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I would suggest you not do that. You're going to really mess something up that you won't be able to fix on your own.

The reason it happened is as I told you your machine went off-balanced, so much so it couldn't get itself back in balance so it couldn't spin and if it couldn't spin it couldn't eliminate the water.

Just don't repeat the same mistake by doing as I said before either filling the tub to full, by not using the Bulky/Large selection, or using a high spin for a very large load.

Once I realized my errors I never repeated them. I washed 2 pillows and a mattress cover and got the error. It's hard to balance pillows and mattress cover with fillings that hold water which made the water off-balanced so the washer tried to correct itself it couldn't due to all that water causing a delayed response in the pillows. Now I make sure never to wash them all together.

I still love my LG washer, it performs as expected and even the True Balance still works as expected. It can only do so much within reason. It cannot correct a load overly out of balance.

Please don't take apart your washer, leave that for repair people. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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