Gas-like smell from furnace

csuen1520December 30, 2007

I have a new gas furnace, Bryant 355AAV, after we started use it 2 mo ago, a corner near the hotair vent of one of the bedrooms always get a strong gas-like smell, the smell kind of comes and goes irregularly (mostly in the morning after furnace was off) and won't stayed long, no oter place in the house get the smell, there is no gas pipe in that room and the room is far from other gas-use appliances, seems has no way can the smell come out exccept from vent. I called the installer of my furnace found nothing wrong, and I called gas company and couldn't found any gas leaking, I'm wondering if the smell caused by exhaust of furnace or uncompleted burn of gas from furnace, but how come other rooms have no smell? can it be the smell of sewer?

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"GAS SMELL" That gas smell is an ordant which is added the natural gas. The ordant smells like rotten eggs, but sewer gas and car exhaust can also smell like rotten eggs. Even thou you had the gas piping checked, I would get some soapy water and a brush and brush each piping joint and valve with soapy water. If bubbles appear, that is a leak, get it fixed ASAP. Check the pressure regulators which have a vent on them to vent overpressurization. After you definatly rule out gas leak problems, look at where the outside air vent is located. Is it within 10'-0" of a plumbing vent? Also pull the supply air register and using a mirror check to see if anything is in the ductwork. Is this room located adjacent to the garage?

Hope this helps,

Dan Martyn

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Thank you very much Dan, I'll run all the tests you suggested, the current situation is the smell still there, however, its getting lighter but stay longer, and the hall way near the room gets the smell too ( also near the airvent of a bath ), by the way, the room is far from garage, need sometime to rule out other posibilites. Thanks again.

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at the location my exwife and her new husband live now there was a similar problem several years ago. the older couple that lived in the OLD house called the gas company and the HVAC co to complain they smelled gas shortly after a new furnace was installed. neither company found anything and chalked it up to something dead. the older couple put up with it for a month, it got worse each day, spreading from room to room. finally it got so that they could smell it in the kitchen. well, the older lady went to fix supper one night, turned on her gas stove and BOOM! the whole house was literally blown to pieces. turns out that the gas co had a leak inthe underground line right before the gas meter. in no wind conditions the gas would work it's way into the house and slowly build. most of the time it dispersed before reaching harmful levels, but finally it built up enough that it exploded. she was killed, he suffered major burns over a large portion of his body, and even the neighbor's house was destroyed since it was only 20 feet away.

if you even THINK this is gas, don't settle for "i can't find anything" MAKE THEM FIND IT!

car exhaust does nto smell like rotten eggs. sewer gas does nto smell like rotten eggs. NG, LP, and rotten eggs smell like rotten eggs. a dead and decaying animal will stink, but again it is a different smell. if you want ot know what it smells like, go to the gas company, they can give you a whiff of a sample so you can tell if that is what you smell.

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Wow thats bad..................we had a leak outside from the street to the meter. The gas company came out and said if it's not fixed in 24 hrs they will have to turn the gas off to the house. With there equipment they found the leak within a min or 2. I had to pay for the liner replacement.

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