Is Quadfire 7100FP $2000 better than Xtrordinair FPX 36 Elite?

ahrenoDecember 12, 2008

IÂm deciding between a quadfire 7100fp and a Xtrordinair FPX 36 Elite.

I had a chimney fire and will be replacing my entire chimney and mason fire place. I think iÂm going to choose one of these fireboxes. It will save me a lot of cost on the chimney (since it will just be wood frame with a single brick exterior) and is more efficient than an insert and looks nice.

I have an estimate of $5688 installed for the Xtrordinair FPX 36 and an installed price of $7744 for the Quadfire.

Anyone have any opinions on either? I hear great things about both. The benefit to me of the quadfire is the ability to run ducting to other parts of the house (that is NOT included in the estimate however).

Would love some insight on this itÂs hard to get unbiased opinions from a "salesman"

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I have the FPX 44 elite. It is a great fireplace - can really crank out the BTU's. The other thing I like is how efficient the burn is - very few ashes left over after a long burn. The firebox looks nice - like an old fashioned unit.

The installation is not easy - there are 3 vents that need to be hooked up within the specifications provided and there are minimum clearance requirements on mantels made from combustable material. Make sure you carefully read the install instructions yourself and follow your installer to make sure they follow the directions (I found some issues with my guys - even my builder did not know all the details on how to put one of these in). $5600 installed is a good price - does that include the electrical connection?

I don't know much about the other firebox you mentioned although I have read reviews of it on the fireplace forum. what could possibly warrant a 2000 extra cost for that unit?

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