dcarch7July 9, 2013

To me, watermelon has three parts:

1. The rind - the white part, great for savory cooking, pickles, sautee or stir fry.

2. The pink part - not very sweet, great for salads and soups.

3. The red part - The sweet juicy center, so good ice cold for fresh eating.

Watermelons were on sale last weekend here at $3.99 each. Normally $7.99.

Got a few.

What would you do if you have too many watermelons?

1. Frozen watermelon on a stick, like popsickles.
2. Watermelon in smoothies.
3. Dehydrated watermelon treats. Very delicious and sweet like candies.
4. Water melon powder to sprinkle on ice cream, etc.

Do you have other watermelon ideas?


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Channel the Tiki restaurants of yore by inserting a can of Sterno to cook cho-chos.

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There's a variety of watermelon salads. I believe it's Sharon (Chase) that has a recipe for delicious one. I've also seen watermelon soup recipes, but haven't tried any. I wish I could remember where I've seen them.

One of the best watermelon treats I ever had was one you mentioned, a watermelon popsicle. Jerry and I had gone about 20 miles on a bicycle ride when we came upon a man pushing one of those little frozen treat carts. We we hot, tired and he knew he was in the right place to make a sale. I got a watermelon popsicle, and it was the best popsicle I ever had. I'm sure being hot and tired played a big role, but it also tasted just like you said above, a frozen watermelon. Very refreshing.


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I have never seen dehydrated watermelon. Does it take a long time with all the water it contains?

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Dcarch, I've never seen dehydrated watermelon. Cool!

Ruthanna, Your cho cho's look wonderful! (what are they)?

I picked up a watermelon the other day, so I could try this recipe. http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-watermelon-with-chile-and-lime-recipes-from-the-kitchn-191701

I've had watermelon with feta, mint and balsamic, which is really good! (using both cubed watermelon and feta).

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I sliced the watermelon into 1/2 " to 3/4" thick full size slices, at highest temperature setting, they took 18 hours to dry out.

They are very crispy and can be easily turn to powder with you blender or coffee grinder.

The slices are very sweet, considering 95% reduction in volume and concentrated sugar.


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You are really creative, dc. Good thinking. Ahead of your time, for sure.

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Put watermelon (red part) into a juicer and chill it for "watermelon juice" - refreshing breakfast treat.
Make Salted Watermelon Jelly from the juice and Pickle the Watermelon Rind.

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Our Walmarts here match the prices of the other local stores for the same item so when Farmer's Market here had their watermelons on sale for $1.99 we took their ad to Walmart & got their bigger $4.99 seedless ones for $1.99! Have had six of them now so far & SO sweet! Now waiting for ours in the garden to ripen!

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dcarch, what do you do with the dehydrated watermelon?

I've never dehydrated watermelon but it does sound good. It's been so hot/humid we're eating a whole melon every week. They've been $3.99 for the seedless type. Very good melons this year - much better than 2012.

We lost both our dehydrators in Sandy & haven't replaced them. I'm just unsure if we're going to as of yet. I do have a dehydrator setting on my range but running it all day/night sounds just awful.


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Tricia, there are many ways to enjoy dehydrated water melon.

1. 1/2 dehydrated - kind of leathery but very sweet for snacking. Chop it up to put in pan cakes and cup cakes.

2. Dehydrated - for snacking, no need to refrigerate.

3. extra dry dehydrated - crispy, but not burn. Very sweet like eating candy.

  1. Grind the extra dry to powder - use it like sugar for all kinds of recipes, like watermelon ice cream.

Great stuff to have around in the winter time when you really want some watermelon.


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I've been waiting to read a news story that the hit of some State Fair that year is deep fried watermelon but I can't imagine exactly how they would make it.

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