GE RightHeight washer/dryer initial thoughts

maries1120August 18, 2013

The washer and dryer were delivered yesterday and our old agitator is gone.

Thanks to info from here I was somewhat prepared. I think the transition would have gone smoother if the washer manual was more detailed. The manual is for 10 models with the 4800 and 4805 being the newest but I think the only updates were the cover and maybe another page or two.

First my negatives so far:
The User Guide

Customer service - due to the manual being so lacking, I emailed customer service with questions. After several we need more time to respond I received some info along with a statement that the "wash infusor plate action is designed to wash clothing effectively for each cycle selected" . Do front loaders have an infuser plate or is their customer service that poor?

Cycle times. I knew they would be longer but trying to find out if this is working right. When you make your selections you get an approximate time. Then it spins for a few minutes while it senses the load. Then we get a time which I think is the time but the actual time is 10-20 minutes more than that. Our first load took 2.5 hrs but we are hoping that was operator error. We didn't know about the load sense and pushing buttons to try to get the water to start. .

The signal end timer. It has 3 settings plus no signal. Even at the loudest it is not very loud.

The height of these work for us. I wouldn't want the doors any lower. I didn't have the space above for anything higher.

A lot of options but still easy to do a load. Some features I'm not sure about yet due to lack of info in the manual.

Nice looking machines but they are big. Wide and deep.

Both are very quiet. Unfortunately that includes the end of cycle buzzer.

Cleans well. I have to admit that I was a non-believer that they cleaned better but was amazed at the difference

I'm working with the salesman on the cycle time issue to find out if it is normal or if something isn't right. He offered to try to get answers to any questions I have. Obviously too soon to know reliability but the manual and time issues aside, I'm glad we went with a front loader. Time will tell if this was the right one.

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Hi maries1120...

This machine is so new that there's not that much info. on how long the cycles are.

Does it look like it's having a hard time balancing when going into spins? That can prolong any cycle. Sometimes the sensors that detect vibration are too sensitive for their own good.

I don't think there are any electronic buzzers that are loud enough.
Unlike the old Whirlpool maniacal buzzers that can wake the dead.

Try a quick cycle with no options. It should take about 30 minutes or less. If it takes 45 minutes or more something isn't right.

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It has an anti-vibration feature but we have some questions on the instructions on how to set that up. Also they need to come back and level the machine. It doesn't move but is a half inch lower in the front so maybe those things are factors. When we did the first load that was 2.5 hours, it kept counting down in the spin cycle and then going back and starting over. Other than that time, I haven't stood there and watched it. Hopefully just some tweaking. thanks for the info though and I will check that out.

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I wanted to update my original post now that it has been a week.

The long wash cycles were because the store delivery guys didn't level the machine so the front of the machine was a half inch lower than the back. Once that was done, cycle times are in line with what I expected. They are a bit longer than our agitator but with shorter drying times some loads are about the same and some might be a little longer. The better cleaning makes that worth it.

The height of the door is a decent compromise between being too low if a front loader is on the floor and having to buy a separate pedestal. The higher separate pedestals wouldn't work for us without removing some existing cabinets. If a company was really concerned with ergonomics they would either have a revesible washer door or sell them, like refrigerators, with a right or left hinge. I'm sure a lot of people have to have their washer on the right and dryer on the left so it would be nicer if you could easily go from the washer to the dryer. That isn't just GE though but hopefully some day companies will offer that. Electrolux has the reversible washer door so maybe it is just a matter of time.

Overall, I am happy with the GE RightHeights now. They are quiet and clean well and the height worked for our situation. Obviously longevity and reliability are not known yet. They are nice looking machines and easy to use. They wash and dry well and we remain amazed at the cleaning difference with our first front loader.

The only cons I have at this time:
The non-reversible washer door
The buzzer which has 3 levels (and off) but all 3 levels are only audible if you are near the machine. If you have 3 levels, why not make them adaptable for the machine location and have a louder setting for people that have the machines further away and want to hear them.
The manual - whoever came up with the idea that you should have one manual for 10 models of washers and make minor adjustments here and there should be fired. The washer manual is extremely poor! I pointed out some of the contradictions in the manual with our model stating one thing somewhere but other info elsewhere. I can hope they at least proofread this and make those corrections.

Did GE get it right? I am happy with the machines at this time and the height works fine for us. I think they could have gotten it better with the 3 little things I listed as the cons. Maybe by the time we need a new one either GE or someone will have a solution for the door and buzzer issues. These aren't major issues or deal breakers but ways they could make these better fit the needs of more customers. As far as the manual, we can figure things out but a better manual would have made it easier and helped to maximize the use of all the features. I don't think people will buy or not buy a washer based on the manual but I don't think a company should take shortcuts with their manuals for that reason. It still reflects on them - but that is just my opinion.

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Maries1120 are you still happy with your GE right-height washer and dryer. I was thinking of purchasing these. I have never owned a front loader and was thinking I might try front loaders out to see for myself. Scared of the change though. Thanks.

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We bought my Mom this new Right Height Washer & Dryer from Sears about 3 months ago. Her last set was also the top of the line GE front loader, that was 3 years old....and the W & D were nightmares from day one (and replaced several times). They finally could not be repaired under her ext. warranty anymore. Sears was awesome, and gave her almost $1200.00 for each machines. We paid the difference for her, and she got the new Right Height machines in candy apple red. She LOVES them. So far, they are flawless!!

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I almost bought these recently but my machines are not old enough to replace yet. But we are having a cabinet built over the W/D that will go across the tops of them and be a major folding space for us. I guess now it wouldn't work but I did consider just getting those instead of the cabinet because in the end it will be almost as much probably, hope not but you know how it is with these projects. I loved the red and the graphite color or dark grey. I really could use a bigger tub. At first I was thrilled not having the super big tub because it never gets out of balance since it's only 3.5 or less can't remember for sure but I'm over that and sort of wish it were a little bigger. The dryer would be larger as well which would be a plus. I'm glad to hear how much you like them so far!

One thing I have found immeasurably helpful is that you can go online and watch youtube instructional videos made by GE to help you with learning your machine. I watched one on how to empty the lint filter, that is that little door at the bottom of the front of the machine and how to clean behind the gasket. Very, very helpful. I would have never thought to put a plate under the lint door to keep a little spare water from running all over the floor when I cleaned out the lint filter. LIttle things like that are helpful and shown in the video. There may be something online you could watch to help you. I think the appliance people are really depending on these videos to alleviate having to put much literature in with the machines. I'm sure it's much cheaper for them and maybe more effective too and even eliminate some phone calls to their customer "no service" departments. I get the feeling these companies just don't want to talk to us, no matter what the company is, they would much rather refer you to a video. We now have to train ourselves on everything since the computer came about since no one wants to hire the people or take the time, even when they have time, they don't want to do it. Things have changed!

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I just happened to pop in here today and saw this. Yes we are happy with both the washer and dryer. No problems and they perform well. We do the monthly cleaning and keep the doors open when not in use.

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I'm looking at this set, too. Wondering if anyone knows how they rate with Consumer Reports & what the top rated machines are?

How does this compare to the Kenmore Elite 5.2cu FL?

OP, did you ever determine how long the cycle times actually run?

Any other real world users out there who can add comments? Suggestions for these or other machines?

I'm looking for high capacity (king blankets) and excellent cleaning as we are on a farm & the clothes prove it some days.

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Go to and it has a report on the Kenmore you are speaking of and maybe this GE not sure about it.

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I've lurked here for a number of years through kitchen remodeling and house building. Thanks for all the years of help. This thread prompted me to finally join and hopefully spare others from my adventures with GE Right height.

I had a Kenmore HE4T selected with the help of this forum that lasted 9.5 years until a controller board made it too expensive to repair. Last December 2013, I bought the GE Right height thinking it would meet my needs for water conservation and large capacity. The unit I received had problems from the day it was delivered: it banged loudly on the side of the washer cabinet every time it entered the spin cycle with a large or heavy load and moved across the laundry room floor. Yes, the machine was level. Yes, it had been installed by certified Lowes' installers. Yes, the shipping bolts were removed and yes, it functioned perfectly when it was empty or had a very small load. By large load, I mean, the number of towels and clothing listed in the washer manual as a typical load.

Everyone should be aware that the GE warranty only covers REPAIR of the unit, not replacement. Thinking it was operator error, I waited until April and tried everything I could think of or could find suggested elsewhere to correct the banging. This was past the Lowes' return date so I was out of luck.

In April 2014 I contacted GE warranty service at the suggestion of their on-line help desk. It took three weeks for a technician to arrive, This man said he had never seen the Right height machine before, didn't open up the unit, but told me there was a problem with a broken strut on the wash basket. There might have been, I don't know. There was a rattling sound like ball bearing sliding in a tube when the interior tub was turned. Technician 1 ordered a new wash basket and told me it would take another three weeks before the part would arrive and he would return with a partner to replace it. The part arrived in seven business days. Calls to the repair service said "too bad" we had to wait the three weeks.

Now it was May, the part sat in my garage and a lone technician arrived to install it. Technician 2 looked at my washer, listen as I demonstrated the banging and "walking", and said he, too, had never seen the machine, but Technician 1 was wrong, there was nothing wrong with the machine. He adjusted a shock absorber and leveled the machine again. (All directions showed level before this man arrived). He said I would have to live with it, but he would return the useless wash basket to GE.

Needless to say, I was not happy. I called both GE and Lowes asking for a replacement machine. At this time I met the GE consumer advocate who told me about the repair only limitation of the warranty. Lowes went so far as to arrange a third visit from the same authorized repair service. Not much help, but what did I have to loose?

Three weeks later in June 2014, I had a third visit from Technician 3 who saw the same problems with the banging and the machine walking. This tech at least took the back off the machine, tightened a couple of springs, and rerouted the drain hose. He told me this machine had a Samsung interior and he had fixed it "for now." At least the man was honest, two days later, we were back to banging on the cabinet and walking across the floor at high speed spin.

In the interim, I received a bill from the repair company for rejected warranty service because GE had classified Technical 2's visit as "consumer education." The technician listed his services as adjustment on the receipt he left with me. That is another ongoing story about a disputed bill.

By August I had had enough. I went to Sears to look at the Kenmore Elites. I started with a 4.3 cubic ft that I thought would meet my needs. It turned out to be too small for the laundry generated by a cancer patient and an active quilter, but it is a good machine. No problems with banging or walking or water that doesn't drain.

I learned from the Right height and sent it back within the exchange period. Then I got the Kenmore Elite 5.2 41072 another member was asking about. It's made by LG and is virtually identical with the mega sized LG. Yes, it's huge and I've been able to wash the king sized quilts, pillows and 8 yards of fabric with no trouble. Keep those extra towels handy for balancing the small loads, but it hasn't been a big deal. After 4 washers in less than a year, I think I've found something that works.

You will find a few other complaints like mine about the GE right height, maybe those are the rotten apples in the barrel. The moral of this story is "get a machine that can be repaired where you live." I would have loved an Electrolux but nobody within 90 miles of my house can repair it. I am through with repairmen who can't do anymore than I can by reading off computer screens.

I hope this will save some others from paying the expensive Stupid Tax I've paid in 2014.

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>The moral of this story is "get a machine that can be repaired where you live."

Good moral.

My LG washer was a service nightmare in the first couple years of ownership, but I'm hoping it will settle down and be reliable now. I have been tempted to add to the growing pool of LG complaints online, but the fact is, all the brands have those complaints and it wouldn't really help anyone. I know there are many satisfied LG owners out there, just like there are probably satisfied RightHeight owners.

I would, however, lean towards buying an LG branded unit if you want one rather than a Kenmore branded just for the purpose of avoiding Sears' god-awful service, which is about as bad as GE's.

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Thanks everyone! Your input is very helpful. That GE tops my family's many past bad GE experiences. It's enough to steer me away. Particularly since there are good things being said about E'lux wash capacity. LG is very hard to service in my area so that puts them & Kenmore out, in my mind.

Narrowing down. Thinking E'lux or Speed Queen as I have local dealers. Now off to that review site - thanks for that tip.

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This dryer broke on me the second day of use. It took GE 6 weeks+ to repair (at least I hope it is finally working properly)....along the way they had backordered parts, accused me of ripping out the moisture bar, changed an appointment time at 7pm the night before, sent the wrong info after they offered to extend the warranty 6 mos., and refused to replaced any appliance within the first year of purchase regardless of their inability to repair it in a timely fashion. Both the dryer and GE as a company have been unable to perform in a satisfactory manner.

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