can a HVAC tech please explain to me...

mayhem69December 19, 2012

I am buying a Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ outdoor unit (multi zone). I am buying 2 - ASU7RLF, 7,000 btu indoor units. I am hanging 1 indoor unit in each bedroom in my upstairs cape cod.
Next to the bedrooms is a long crawlspace which is where the lineset will be run.
My bedroom and dining room is directly below the crawlspace area.
An HVAC tech came out the other day and stated i could run 2 lines of duct to each room downstairs, my bedroom and dining room. I would do this in a couple yrs., not now.
Is there anyway this can be done or is he blowing smoke up my a$$?
Here is a link with some info. regarding the Fujitsu.

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Do you mean that the installer would run the refrigerant lines now for the paired units upstairs for installation now.

And would also run a second line set that right now would not be used, but be "in the walls" and ready to go if you add in a second multihead condensing unit outside for use in the downstairs bedroom and dining room.

It is true that putting in the copper refrigerant lines now would make the tech's work easier if you added in an identical system downstairs in the future. But if you need different capacity in the future downstairs, that lineset size may not be the correct one, making this all extra expense for no result.

If you know that you eventually want to condition all of these rooms, you might consider right now buying a larger capacity outdoor unit that can serve 4 indoor units. I didn't pull the specs on your unit, but am "best guess-ing" from the nomenclature that it is a 2 ton multihead condensing unit. So you would need a second one to do the downstairs rooms. You may be able to find a system that can function with 2 to 4 airhandler units and work with both 2 now and 4 later. (It may not work, but you would want to check, based on your home load profile.)

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yes, the 2-7k btu will be installed now in the bedrooms. My question was can he run 2 ducts downstairs somehow in the future? He said i could do this. Remember the outdoor unit is this one.

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The information at the given link does not specify how many connections can be made to the compressor part. I suspect from the size that it is three max. If that is the case, you will need a new outdoor compressor unit and two indoor units next year.

Without seeing the space, no one can really say how much less it will cost to run 4 sets of lines now rather than two now and two later. How much space is in there? What other kinds of utilities are run in there already? What is the plan for the condensate from the downstairs units, will it be pumped up into the crawl and then run down the same drain lines as the upstairs units?

At minimun, I'd want to see a complete plan for the additional work. Then keep in mind that in two years you might decide that you like Sanyo or Toshiba better.

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^^^ Like Sanyo or Toshiba better?? are you serious? Go take a look at the Fujitsu 12RLS2 and the 15RLS2. Those units have heat ratings of 12, and 25, 21.5 SEER.
Toshiba and Sanyo are lagging behind Fujitsu, right now Fujitsu is #1 in the efficiency dept. and with a better warranty.
As far as the posting above, i can connect the 2 ductless 7k btu units, another ducted united of 12k btu with 2 lines coming to each room using a casette. All that connected to the AOU24RLFXZ.
I will be able to heat/cool the whole front of my house with this setup.

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I am glad that you have all of the answers, but I still don't really get the question.

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"^^^ Like Sanyo or Toshiba better?? are you serious? Go take a look at the Fujitsu 12RLS2 and the 15RLS2. "

You'd think that if they had any smarts that Toshiba and Sanyo would just fold their cards and fade into the sunset.



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I suggest you install two seperated outdoors.

Here is a link that might be useful: air conditioner tips

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