Samsung 5.0 Cu Ft WF520A

rick955iAugust 22, 2010

Just saw one at Sears today, the drum is HUGE, very deep. Does anyone have any insight or thoughts on these? Our HE3t is finally giving up the ghost, doing strange things like intermittently not drainining...after nearly 10 years it is probably time to put them out to pasture.

The Miele 4842 was a consideration, but the backwards doors aren't going to work for us, the Vision 800 was next up, but no prewash and the saleman at Sears said steer clear, next was the Electrolux, but they just feel flimsy...then I saw the new Samsungs, they look pretty well built and have all of the features. I normally don't like Koreans products (work for a Korean company and find most business dealings troubling at best, unethical at worst) but can't ignore the features on the Samsung WF520A - - - Thoughts?



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I don't know anything about the new models but we bought a 338 Samsung a couple years ago and tho it works I am concerned that the dispenser drawer doesn't work the way it should. I suspect that with liquid soaps, during a prewash fill water is leaking through the main soap dispencer. Can't prove it but once when I stopped the machine at that point there was no soap left in the main dispenser. Similarly I suspect that bleach may be getting into the fabric softener dispenser. I'd ask the sales person at Sears to explain the dispenser operations or look them up somewhere. They changed the dispenser shortly after we bought ours.

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I am also looking for a washer/dryer pair for our new house.i can tell you based on my research that the Samsung 520a is top rated by consumer reports. the 448AA is also top rated by comsumer reports, good housekeeping, JD power and associates, it is the one I am thinking of getting. the only thing is that I would like to get a red colored washer/dryer but both of those do not come in that color
Hope this helps

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