Anyone tried this to "fool" non-adjustable water level sensors?

dave1812August 29, 2014

My Samsung has an adjustable sensor, which I have long ago adjusted to provide a bit more water. nothing outlandish.

Recently I looked at a sensor in a Duet. It's non adjustable. It's my understanding that they all work on air pressure, so I figure that when the water travels up the hose, it compresses the air between the switch and the top of the column water. Wouldn't it make sense that if there was a longer hose, the increased volume would reduce the air pressure, thereby tricking the sensor into allowing more water before shutting off the water flow?? I need responses from someone who has tried this on ANY unit that has a non-adjustable sensor, as I can't play around with the Duet as it's my dad's and his weird about doing things outside of "the norm". If there is a way I can convince him it will work, prior to re-opening the unit, he just might go for it.

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Are the clothes clean with the existing water level?

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Hvtech, good answer even through it has nothing to do with the question. I too would like to know if this would work without hearing that I may be the cause of the planets problems. I regularly have to hold the water level selector to "reset" just to get a full tub. I'm tired of not being able to get a full load and even more annoyed but not being able to get a real hot fill. I'm just sayin...

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Very easy to fool. Put your clothes in as normal. Fill a one quart pitcher with water. Evenly pour water over clothes in washer. Start machine as normal. Wet clothes will register heavier and load sensor will be fooled into thinking that you have more clothes in washer than you actually have. Washer will then fill with more water. Works every time !

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Even though I have to roll my eyes at all that "there' ain't no wadrrr in my washrrr - dat thang don't clean my clothes" talk...

... yes, it should work. I looked up a thread where someone did just that - more or less.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG FL Needs more water

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I apologize for not answering your question but when people ask how to raise water level without giving any sort of performance complaint or reason for doing so I have to wonder why. It seems that there are many people who have psychological issues with low water levels in washers.

BTW I am not against raising water levels because of environmental impact, but if people are getting poor results with their HE washers there may be things that can be done about that while still operating the machine within the manufacturer's specifications to ensure longevity and intact warranties.

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thanks, hvtech, I had no idea it would take such a large volume of air to make a difference in the water level. I'll advise my dad of this and see if he is interested in adding a container to the pressure sensing tubing.

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FWIW, I went through a brief phase of experimentation with our FL, where I manually added more water to the wash cycle, the low-tech way --- I paused the machine and poured water into the drum until it reached the bottom of the door.

The only thing this accomplished was creating more suds, which were a pain to get out of the wash (extra extra extra rinses). Suds do not go away easily. Clothes did not come out cleaner.

My low-tech scientific conclusion was to let the machine do its own thing.

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