Tide Original Powder, changed??!! :(

larsi_gwAugust 17, 2014

I have loved, loved the smell of Tide Original Powder for decades, and have used the he version on and off for well over 10 years. I just bought a new box of the he powder today @ Target...and it smells absolutely nothing like Tide Original scent powder detergent. What the he** is wrong with P & G? Can they not leave anything alone? This new scent is not strong, but not pleasant. It almost smells like old bar soap...and not in a good way (has a tallow like smell). I am super annoyed. P & G utterly destroyed the Original April Fresh Downy smell, and now the Tide detergent.

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When was the last time you bought Tide Original powder? I bought some about a month ago and didn't notice a different smell, but then again it may have changed in the last month.

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I have heard that P&G is again in the process of making some substantial changes to their laundry product line-up. Constantly shifting the marketing strategy for the various brand-labels involved, and playing with the scents.

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"And telling people if they dont like the new scent to buy the unscented one".

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P&G has mucked with the formulations and scents of their detergents umpteen times over the years, sometimes for legal reasons (to reduce or eliminated phosphates) or reduce package size. I just wish they wouldn't label anything "original scent" that isn't original scent. That also goes for Old Spice deoderant, whose "original" or "classic" scent is unrecognizable from what is used to smell like.

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My last purchased BIG box of Original Scent Tide "he" powder detergent was about 3 or 4 months ago. It had that amazing, truly Original scent. The one today smells NOTHING like Tide. It is awful, truly Yuck!! So mad at P & G.

I too agree with the Old Spice deodorant thing. The new ones smell nothing like my dad or grandpa used to wear. I actually like the way Old Spice smells, and used to use the deodorant in High School. The new ones all smell like that dreadful AXE body spray. Ick!

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Does your 3-4 month old Tide have the blue specks in it like Tide w/bleach or just the plain white powder?
The "original" now shows blue specks on the front of the box and says acti-lift.
I agree-they can't seem to leave things along. From what I have read Cheer may be discontinued along with others.

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I don't normally notice scent changes in detergents or softeners, with the exception of Downy April Fresh, even with pregnancy nose I didn't notice anything different about the Tide Powder. Maybe this new scent hasn't made it to my area yet.

sparky, where did you read about Cheer being discontinued? I really hope it isn't! When I saw that Tide Colorguard had the same design on the bottle as Cheer does, I thought that perhaps they may be getting rid of it soon. I stocked up on the 80 load powder when the commissary had it on sale for 6.98!

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Andi: I had read about the Cheer on another site which then lead to Wikipedia saying the same. I called P&G and asked and the lady laughed and said "You know you can't believe anything you read on the computer". She did say that in some areas Cheer is hard to find but that they are not going to stop making it. Then she said the Tide Colorguard is just Tide Total Care with a new name introduced with all the Tide "Plus" liquids out now.

Then just the other day was reading that P&G is planning to drop a lot of their product line (not just detergent) in the future. Mostly things that are not selling well of course but I did read again that Cheer and Era would more than likely be in the products dropped. P&G said they would announce later the products they plan to drop. Hope that Cheer is not one of them-best thing for colors not fading IMO.(powder)

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The last box, that I bought 3-4 months ago had the blue specks and said acti-lift. It was not the solid, white one. I went to VONS today, and they must have some old stock....I bought 3 boxes of Tide "he" Original powder with the classic Tide scent. P & G is really beginning to p*ss me off, with their ruining beloved products!!! :(

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They should reduce the perfume level by about half on all of those products. (in my always humble opinion)

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Thats too bad about Cheer. I guess I'll have to keep buying up the powder whenever I see it. As far as the new Tide Colorguard... I suppose we will stop seeing Total Care soon enough?

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Just got off the phone with customer service. Original scent Tide that we have been using for years changed in July. I was told to buy mountain scent if I wanted the original. Is that correct? Meanwhile we have spent over $20 on 2 2.65 ltr bottles of liquid tide and can't stand to wear the clothes washed in it. We've been using Tide for at least 30 years.

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lee676: "I just wish they wouldn't label anything "original scent" that isn't original scent. That also goes for Old Spice deoderant, whose "original" or "classic" scent is unrecognizable from what is used to smell like."

Q: Is the scent of the reformulated detergent an exact copy of the older scent?

A: Of course not! The new reformulated detergent was given a new scent that we toiled countless hours in our laboratories to develop.

Q: So what you are saying is . . .

A: Yes! The new version is not a copy of anything you ever have smelled before; it is an Orginal Scent.

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I thought I detected a slight change in my last purchase of powdered Ultra Tide at Costco a few weeks back, but didn't post anything because I'm not certain that it passed the threshold of certainty. John-A's post, and the mere presence of this thread, coupled with my own experience, together pretty much seal the deal for me.

I don't believe the change is significant -- it's subtle.

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To me, the scent change is not subtle. It's not that the scent is overpowering.....it is just 100% nothing like the "Original" scent that Tide has had for like 40 years.

P & G is a very frustrating company. So annoying. It's like they're super bored, and do not know what to do.

I have some advice....Re-formulate Tide and Downy back to original scents!!!! :)

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Call the company, I do and always get coupons in return. I called about the Cinnamon Crunch cereal being to sweet, I told them I would never buy that for my kids. Later I saw it advertising less sugar. I know it was not because of me, I just added my opinion to a long list of complaints. I have to put extra milk on most cereal just to cover the sweetness and that is cereal that is not sugared on the outside. My nephew wrote a company about changing his cereal when he was just a boy and they changed it back.

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@ EmmaR....I cannot tell you how many calls and emails I have sent to P & G. If you look at the Downy website, there are 1000's of complaints about P & G changing the scent of the Original April Fresh Downy scent. It is now very sweet, almost candy like. Very offensive!

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I KNEW they changed it! Everyone i told thought i was crazy! I bought a box and it smelled so different I went back to the store and smelled every box of tide and bought all the boxes with the old scent. Now im on the hunt and cant leave a store without checking to see if any of their tide is the old original scent. Im SO disappointed in p&g and they definatly will be getting an email from me!!!

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@ farenlee12....I did the same thing. I bought a BIG box of "Original" Tide he powder at Target. Did a load of laundry later that day, and the minute I opened the box...I KNEW it was different. I took it back, and like a crazy person....took every box off the shelf and smelled them. All the same...new & ruined!

I went to two local VONS stores, and found one box that had the REAL Original Tide powder scent. I once again, like a crazy man, started smelling all the boxes, LOL. I was able to find 4 boxes of the good stuff. I have now gone to 3 Targets and several more grocery stores.....I think I have locally found all the REAL Original Tide Powder. PLEASE, PLEASE send P & G an email. They cannot keep doing this, and they must know we are not pleased. Thanks!!!! :) -Larsi

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Talked to P&G. They have flip flopped (for some odd reason we shall never understand) the original powder and mountain spring powder. So supposedly, in a perfect world, I was told to buy the mountain spring to now receive the original scent. In my way of thinking, original is original. If you change something that is supposed to be original, it can't be original anymore. Original carries no changes. Hence the word original. Just saying.

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I just opened a new Tide Original Scent HE liquid detergent. Ugh!! The scent is awful! I am going to have to go smell out some old stock I guess. So irritating.

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I haven't read through all of the posts so excuse me if I am repeating. I have a friend who is associated with the manufacturing of Tide. She said that there is a different formula for almost every store in which it is sold. In particular, Wal-Mart has its own formula that is theirs alone. If you like a certain Tide, maybe the best bet is to purchase it from the same place every time.

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When you have nothing new to offer and are bankrupt when it comes to innovation, you keep messing with your existing products trying to make them seem new and different. Says a lot, I think.

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Ok Larsi, I concede! I just opened a new box of Tide original and yes, you're right, it changed. Seems sweeter maybe? I like the previous scent much better. :-(

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YES andi2928....it has drastically changed. I have 3 large boxes left of the real ORIGINAL Tide he powder....so I should have enough for about 6-8 months. I cannot understand why P&G changed it. The scent has been virtually the same for decades, and it was so soft and powdery, yet clean at the same time.

It also makes me really mad, when you complain to P&G...they tell you to try Mountain Fresh Tide powder, which is now the same scent as the old, Original Tide powder. Yet...it is not, nowhere near the same scent, and Mountain Spring Powder is NOT available in "he".
P&G is awful.

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