Best TopLoader - no agitator

marciab10August 13, 2008

I had been looking at FL's - was originally planning on stackable, but now am going side by side. Have spent way to many hours reading though different reviews here. I went to sears today and thought I found the perfect machine! The Oasis TL.. until I came home and searched it on this forum! WOW.. have never read so many bad reviews...

I am still really liking the idea of the TL with no agitator. I did really like the way the Oasis looks, I don't suppose it has gotten any better??? I think my other choices are Maytag BRavo, GE Harmony, Whirpool Cabrio, and a FP. Of these Bravo seems to get pretty good reviews. Are there any others to consider? Which would you choose?

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The Maytag Bravos is rated #1 at Consumer Reports. Partly because of that, and partly because I heard so many good things about it both IRL and online, I purchased a Bravos set in May. (My dryer was on its last legs, too.) I ended up getting the 6700 washer and the 6400 dryer, as I didn't think I needed the steam feature on the dryer.

I *love* them both! They are far superior to anything I've had before (GE and Kenmore). The washer capacity is HUGE; at the time I bought mine, no frontloader was as big. Yet it uses less than half the water and energy my old traditional washer used. It cleans very well and I like the different cycles which enable me to wash everything from hand washables to king-size comforters; I also appreciate the soak cycle. The washer is ultra-quiet; I can barely hear it running, if at all. The laundry does not come out tangled, even sheets. Thus far, I've seen nothing but pro's, no con's. HTH

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We had a Kenmore Elite Calypso for over five years. It worked great up until two days before we sold the house - then it died due to the classic "Calypso" issues. Grrrrr...

Anyway, for what it's worth, I chatted with the repair guy about these HE top loaders and he said it's a good idea only in theory, nobody's made one that actually works well (at least as far as he was concerned).

Good luck with your decision.

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I just bought the GE Harmony TL to replace my Maytag Neptune FL. I've only had it a few weeks, but I love it.

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I've had the GE Harmony for about 3 years now and I love it! I'm not a big fan of FL's and I think the TL without the agitator is a good compromise. They hold a ton of clothes (right now I'm washing 2 twin sheets sets and a queen set comfortably) and use less water than regular TL's but they don't have the problems you read about so much with FL's. I would definitely recommend the Harmony. The Cabrio may also be a good choice. My neighbor has one and is very happy with it.

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This is second-hand information -- the GC working on some modifications of the house we sold before moving here said he and his wife had bought the F-P top loading washer and the accompanying top-loading dryer and absolutely love them. He said one of the things that sold him was that the washer is made so that electronic repairs involve a DIY process of replacing the motherboard for about $80. I can't vouch for this but am just passing along what he said.

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First I must say that IMO any repair guy that says something like that is either naive or stupid, either way he's incompetent. He's probably never heard of Fisher & Paykal or the GE Harmony. Both solid machines. I think I'd get someone competent for my repair needs. I wonder how he profits from FL sales? There's certainly a bias showing.

And there's certainly been concerns about the Cabrio/Oasis/Bravos line, and let's be realistic, the COBs are all sibling machines so they're really pretty much the same. Trying to say one is better than another doesn't really make sense other than feature comparison.

I'm really curious to hear some feedback on the Harmony with the heater as well and see something more on the COBs with the heater now too. Wonder if F&P is going to bring out one with a heater? Time will tell.

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I posted a response yesterday, and it disappeared??

Anyway, I ended up purchasing a GE Profile, WPGT9150 and compatable dryer DPGT650. I had narrowed down my choices to the Maytag Bravo, and GE, in the end I went with these GE's because I really liked the Champagne color! I got a great price for the pair, and they have a $100 rebate.

For 30+ years I have always had white, but they've always been in a laundry room. This pair will be in our master closet, along with a upgraded built in closet system, so I really wanted a color other than white or black.

I have always had "basic" kenmore w/d. I am only on my 3rd set, and my 2nd didn't die, I sold it with my last house 8 years ago. My current kenmore w/d will go in our upstairs laundry. My first stop was Sears, and I loved the way their Oasis looked, but my 2nd stop was here to read the numerous bad reviews of those machings.

Because of all the discussions on this board with so many people having problems with many different machines, for the first time ever I decided to purchase the extended warrenty. 150 for both for 5 years.

We won't be moving for another 3-4 weeks, but once I start doing laundry with them I will share my opinion.

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I LOVE my new washer and dryer. One of my biggest concerns, since we have them in the master closet was the noise level. This washer is sooo quiet. Our closet is off the master bath, I can hardly hear it running if I'm in the bath area, and hear nothing out in the bedroom.

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marciab ~

Thanks for the update and for posting the picture of your new machines. They look lovely! I have never seen a champagne color before and it is gentle on the eyes.

Are you able to get a King-sized comforter or thinner/medium density bedspread in the washer? Without me looking up the info elsewhere do you know the capacity of the washer and dryer?

I have never seen a laundry room off of a master bath but it sure could make sense. I'm glad that the machines are so quiet that they are never heard from your bedroom.


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I haven't had to wash comforters or bedspreads yet, but they both seem to hold alot more than any set I've ever had. A previous poster who had the Harmony set, (same size) stated it held a 'ton of clothes'.

The washer is 4cu, the dryer 7.1. There was a larger dryer available, but I didn't feel it necessary for DH and me.

The master closet laundry room made sense to me, as we are almost empty nesters. 98% of the laundry I do, I have been lugging somewhere from our bedroom. Our new house has a first floor master, so instead of putting the laundry in the mudroom on the other side of the house, it went in the closet. (but I did put plumbing in the mudroom in case a future owner wants it there) I do have a 2nd laundry room upstairs for the other 3 bedrooms.

One of the neatest things about this washer, and maybe they all do this now, is it 'senses' how much water it needs. No more guessing if its a small, med or large load. I prefer to do frequent smaller loads.

And I really like the champagne color! After 35+ years of WHITE! That was the main reason I went with the profile instead of the Harmony.

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I've got the Harmony and as far as a king sized comforter goes, it depends on its thickness. I wash my king size down comforter very comfortably but it is somewhat thin. My son has a full size comforter on his bed and it just fits but it's very thick. All you can do it put it in the tub and see how it fits. If you have to really smash it down to get it in I would say it's probably too thick. By the way, I just LOVE the champagne color. Wish they would have had it when I bought my set!

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I have no problem at all washing king-size thick comforters in my Maytag Bravos washer. It has a 4.6 cu ft capacity.

Love it, love it, love it. :-)

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I am thinking of buying a Kenmore top loading washer. The one I'm looking at does not have an agiator. One sales man told me that it won't clean as well as other machines with an agiator.

What do you all think?

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my ringer washer is better than your new ones

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