Original/Classic April Fresh Downy 're-created' by me :)

larsi_gwAugust 19, 2011

I know I've mentioned in several posts, that I have basically "re-created" the amazing, wonderful scent of April Fresh Downy (the classic, beauitful smell before the total idiots at P&G ruined it, by adding scent pearls and "adding a fresh, crispness to the classic April Fresh scent"!!!)

I take my 51 ounce bottle of April Fresh Downy and dump 1/2 into an empty Downy bottle (or any clean container). I do the same with a 51 ounce Downy Free & Sensitive. I then combine 50% April Fresh Donwy with 50% Free & Sensitive Downy! Shake well and transfer to you favourite Downy container!

While, it still has that "new crisp, candy like smell" in the bottle (although much softer), after washing and drying the 50/50 mixture smells almost identical to the Classic & Original April Fresh Downy so many of us miss & love.

My laundry and laundry room now have that soft, powdery scent that Donwy had for like 40 years!!! I really hope the geniuses at P&G re-launch Classic April Fresh. In the meantime, a few mins work every couple of months has given me my April Fresh Downy back. Enjoy! :)


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Thank you thank you thank you!! I emailed them and asked about the change and let them know it was too sweet smelling that I liked the old smell better. They gave me there positive sounding schpeel (sp?) and had me give them my address for a free coupon for the largest bottle I could find. Couldn't turn that down but I just use half Downey half water, so it doesn't smell so strong. I really like your version better will get on it ASAP thanks again!!!

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@ nkeeta..

You're so welcome. Even my spouse asked if I found the Downy that I have been talking, talking, talking about :), because our sheets and towels smelled like they used to do!!

Welcome! :)

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I will have to try your formula Larsi. My parents are coming next weekend and I cant use the current downy on the bed linings as it honestly makes her vomit from the smell.

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I will try it as well. I only use Downy on towels because the smell is too overwhelming for my taste to use it on anything else. I just bought a bottle of Downy Pure Essentials last week, not bad but the smell is still slightly strong.

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LOL! I am so that crazy "scientist" guy from Austin Powers, with my Downy April Fresh creation!! LMAO!!! :)

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He's even wearing Downy colors... :)

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