which AC unit for second floor of a bungalow?

oppsieDecember 7, 2012

Hi all,

Doing a gut reno of my second floor. The house is a bungalow so it gets nice and toasty up there in the summer. General footprint is roughly 60'x13' consisting of two bedrooms and two full baths. GC/HVAC determined that our current system isn't enough to support full-time, comfortable living up there -- at the moment we live strictly on the first floor, and as a 1946 house I don't think it was ever optimized for comfort upstairs. The HVAC guys have been here all week running all new ductwork and installing the furnace (Lennox SLP98). Also added R-21/R-13/R-38 wherever we could.

We need to choose an AC unit and I'm questioning what the HVAC guys have spec'd out. They're planning to install a Lennox 13ACX-024-230 and maintain that this is adequate for the space. While I believe that, we plan to be in this house for the next 20 years at least -- would it make more sense economically to move up to one of the following?

XC13-024-230 $350.00 additional
XC14-024-230 $625.00 additional (quietest according to HVAC guys)
XC16-024-230 $1,200.00 additional. 2-stage. Seems like overkill.

Utility rebates in my region are $150 for 15 SEER, 250 for 16 SEER.

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I would move up to the XC13 condenser model with best matching evap coil.

Just curious, what size is old condenser?

If second floor will be used sporadically, I see no reason to go higher than a 13 SEER. However, it is important that you are sized correctly. Has dealer/ GC performed a load calc and provided a copy in writing for your review? If not, insist on it.

What s your location and what size furnace is being istalled?

Post back.


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Based on your bungalow location and building formation only its possible to say the correct location for AC unit.

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@tigerdunes Checking what size the existing unit is (meaning, trying to find paperwork...can't quite get to the unit to look). Same for the new 2nd floor furnace.

The second floor will be where all three occupants of the house sleep at night, so cooling is important. I'm basically already decided on going with the XC13 (which should be eligible for the utility rebate as it's "up to 15.5 SEER"... right?) so thank you for confirming.

I don't think they've done a manual J yet. I assumed they couldn't since they were tearing out the existing ductwork and replacing, and there are no solid walls, only framing. I've asked my GC to provide one, though.

We're in Michigan.

BTW they're putting a manual bypass humidifier, Lennox Healthy Climate model HWCB3-12, on the furnace. Tstat will be iComfort.

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...and DH checked the new furnace and says it says:

Slp98uh o70xv36b -04

Existing furnace:


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