Need to replace my 15 year old Bosch washer

bruce24August 23, 2014

After about 15 years, my Bosch WFK 2401 needs to be replaced. I have it and a Bosch dryer sitting next to each other in a bathroom under a counter top with a wall on one side and a vanity on the other. They fit perfectly, so I have no room for anything larger. The dryer is still working fine so I just want to replace the washer.

I plan to move in the next year, so I'm not looking to spend a lot.

My first inclination is to go with another Bosch, the Accenta (~$875). The washer and drain connections are in the same place and I can plug the power cord into the back of my dryer, so hook up should be easy.

I was comparing the dimensions for the washers...
Old H:33-1/2+ W:23-5/8 D:22-1/4
Current H:33-1/4+ W:23-1/2 D:24-1/4

...and found the new model is 2" deeper. I tried pushing my current washer as far back as I can and if the new one is 2" deeper, it will stick out a bit more than an 1" past the counter top. I pulled my current washer out the extra inch and it looks odd.

I also took a look at a Maytag MHWC7500Y, it is only 20-1/8" deep. I can get it for $225 less than the Bosch model, but it requires 110V for power which I don't have, so I would need to get an outlet installed which probably make it more expensive.

I'm looking for some advice. Are there any other 220v washers I should consider? Or should just go with the new Bosch and not care about the washer sticking out the extra inch?

Thanks in advance,


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The main other option is Asko who also makes 24"w 220v washers (although check that the plug fits into your dryer - Asko used to use 20A rather than 15A plugs IIRC correctly). Anyway, either Bosch or Asko would be superior to almost any 120V washer, not only because you already have the electrical connection, but because they can run off only a cold water line if needed, and more important, have powerful (about 2300 watt) internal water heaters that quickly heat the water to higher temperatures that wash better, whereas 120v washers will have only a slow 1000 watt heater, or worse, none at all and completely dependent on your external water heater to provide warm or hot water to the washer. And if your water tank isn't really close to the washer, the incoming water that fills the wash cycle will be residual cooled water that's been sitting in the pipes cooling down, and your clothes won't get very clean. So yeah, the Bosch is probably the best choice.

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Thanks Lee,

I agree it makes sense to just look at the 220v options.

I took a look at the Asko and checked the specs. The depth is 23-7/8", so 3/8th less than the Bosch, It's also 220v/15a but I couldn't verify the plug type. On price it looks like it would about $350 more than the Bosch.

I also looked at the Miele, which has a depth of 22-1/2", but the price would be 2x the price of the Bosch.

At this point I'm thinking I'm best off just just getting the Bosch and dealing with it sticking out a bit. If anyone has any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.



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