Baby Shampoo in the eyes?

roseluverJanuary 14, 2008

My DH went to his regular doc today with eye problems. All the doctor told him was to put baby shampoo in his eyes twice a day...

Is it diluted?

How long do you leave it?

The best way to wash it out if you do?

Have any of you ever done this? I'd like your imput on this one. Charlene

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I would say not IN his eyes! Omg no more tears or not I wouldn't put it in his eyes.
Maybe they meant washing the eye like this link says??
I hope so anyway!

Here is a link that might be useful: baby shampoo and eyes

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Why don't you call the office tomorrow and ask to speak to the nurse and tell her your husband didn't understand the directions and ask her to explain them to you more thoroughly. Men hate to admit they don't know/understand everything!

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I had a mild eye infection many years ago, lots of crud in the corner, eye lid stuck in the morning. My doctor told me to take a little baby shampoo between my thumb and first finger, get them a little wet and massage the eye for a minute or so twice a day. The crud and irritation was gone in no time. I still keep baby shampoo around for that exact purpose.


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Men, he would not listen to me, I tried to tell him NOT to put the shampoo in his eyes. He did it anyway. It set his eyes on fire, he tried to wash them out good but now several hours later his eyes are blood red and feels like sand in his eyes..MEN!! Never in my weakest moment would I do a thing like that!! Thank you Nodakgal for the link saying to only use a few drops in a cup of water then use a cotton swab and wipe the lids WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED!!
I do hope his eyes aren't damaged. Thanks ya'll!

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What brand of baby shampoo did your DH use?

I was warned to stay away from certain brands but it's been so long ago I don't remember which ones. I think the doctor said the off brands are actually the best because they have the least perfume in them and perfume can irritate and burn.


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Make sure it's baby shampoo too, not regular shampoo.

I hope his eyes feel better soon, poor guy.

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OMGosh, I nearly busted a gut at your update, Charlene!!! I'm so sorry for laughing... : D


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His REGULAR dr. recommended this? As in GP?

NEVER take the advice of a GP when it comes to ears or eyes. They aren't specialists in those fields and even the best md's aren't always up on eye/ear conditions and proper treatments. Please, get your husband to his opthalmologist today (NOT an optometrist--they aren't medical drs) and get the best medical advice possible.

I don't know if the formula is still the same, but when I was in college and studying Family Health and Living, it was impressed upon us that the reason baby shampoo is 'no tears' is that it has a mild anasthetic in it. We were taught that continued use for babies could be detrimental, because it could, over time, damage their tear ducts. And because ones eyes are SUPPOSED to tear when you get foreign matter (like soap) in them, so it's washed out. Never used the stuff on my dd because of all that.

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Oh, Right!!His opthalmologist was out of town for a week is why he went to his MD. You know how some men can be and he is one of those very smart, stubborn, hard headed, sweet loveable males that won't listen to his wife full of common sense. I showed him the site on baby shampoo in the eyes. Then came the questions..why didn't his dr tell him how to use it. Calmly I said..why didn't you ask? I wanted to say You should have known better but didn't I felt like he had been punished enough. He used Johnson's baby shampoo for the very last time in this life.

Haley I don't blame you one bit for laughing, just visualizing it could be quite funny. How do you think standing up over the sink filling your cupped hands with water and splashing on your face could wash the soap out? Can U just picture that?
I tried to get him to get in the shower and use the hand held to wash it out...NO, no!!
Thanks again ya'll. Charlene

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that link gives a rundown for the condition that I have with my eyes (well, at least one of them).

I do the daily eyelid scrub and soak and it has REALLY helped.

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Thanks, I sincerely hope it will help him.

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Long time lurker here but just HAD to get in on this one. Both my brothers and I are subject to red eyes due to mites that live in the eyelashes. Those mites form crud that irritates the eyes. My eye doctor prescribed washing the eyelashes daily with warm water and baby shampoo. This helps SO much to reduct that irritation. Please let your husband know about this.

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Arosegirl, a bit late in answering, just logged on and your post...caught-my-eye...(No pun intended?)...
I mentioned this...home remedy? a post on another forum some time ago.
Several years ago, I woke up with my eyes hurting and lashes almost stuck together...rushed to the mirror and saw (Yuck!) white much of it I could literally push it out...gross...I was always healthy, so didn't know what was happening...No doctor to see on a Sunday...I called a drugstore and explained to a pharmacist about my eyes...He told me it was an infection...asked if I had any baby shampoo...I did, Johnson&Johnson...He said that it didn't really matter what brand...He said to mix one teaspoon of baby shampoo in a half a cup of barely warm water,hold eye open and gently splash the liquid in the eyes. He said that baby shampoo contained the same ingredients that a doctor uses to wash-out infected eyes. I had a glass with a small opening (similiar to a shot glass) "cupped" my
eye...tilted my head back and poured it in...I've never been able to use eye drops because I could not stand the thought of anything touching my eyes...but, if you're in misery... There was some relief right away...a few hours later, I repeated the rinse. It released so much 'infection' the next day, it seemed cleared-up. I didn't see a doctor.
Later, when my daughter got trash in her eyes from her job, and it irritated her eyes, I mixed up the baby shampoo and water...and she got relief right away.
We have two outside got in a squabble with a stray cat and his eyes got infected...I poured the same mixture in/over his eyes and it cleared that up.
Diluted, baby shampoo cannot hurt you, as far as I know.

Nope, husbands don't ask the so-called-experts...they expect the wife to know everything..ha

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