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belladomAugust 21, 2010

I'm redoing the laundry room as part of a major remodel and since it can be seen from the kitchen and family room would like to hide under a counter (I can do 220 volt for the dryer) and the bosch 3.4 cubic foot washer is almost as big inside as the old Kenmore... but is it safe to put them behind cabinet doors. Does anyone have experience with these? The Asko and Miele are a mere 2.something cubic feet and I think too small for a family of 2 and 2 dogs.... Thanks

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the bosch , miele and asko all will fit roughly the same amount of towels in them out in the real world, I don't care what the sales literature says. If one is too small for your needs than they all will be more than likely.

Keep in mind I'm talking about the undercounter versions.

See appliance thread for the panel.

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