Constant water entering and running through Aprilaire humidifier

SparklingWaterDecember 1, 2012

Hello. I have an Aprilaire wall-mounted, furnace-connected with thermostat older model humidifier which was recently serviced and was told all was "ok" by the HVAC man. Just yesterday the same company's plumber tightened up the top nut on the valve to solve minor water leaking. The valve controls the flow of water to the humidifier and comes off of the gas water heater.

I am disturbed by the amount of constant water entering the sump pump from the humidifier, even occurring when the furnace is off. It's not just a minor drip, but more like a considerable constant run drip. I don't think this is normal and wish your opinion. I can't even imagine our future water bill if I were to let this go unattended. I have a 80% dual stage American Standard gas furnace and realize water is a combustion by-product, so water would be more prominent when the furnace is running. But this is water to sump pump is constant.

Is it normal for water to be flowing through a dedicated line to the humidifier, when the furnace is off? I can hear the water spraying through into the filter box.

Sounds to me like I have a valve problem or am missing some "stop" which engages when the furnace turns off. I have once again turned this turn valve off until I know what's up.

Thank you for any and all help. I may cross post this in plumbing as this valve has been checked twice in 2 months, but I don't understand why, when open, it constantly feeds the Aprilaire humidifier and lends to chronic water usage and loss.

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Ok, further reading on this problem suggests the constant water running may be due to a couple of things from what I see:

a. even with furnace off, the humidistat senses ambient humidity below what it is set at and so allows water in through the water inlet orifice and inlet valve assembly, controlled through a solenoid which itself is controlled by the humidistat. I guess the humidifier is mounted directly to the hot air supply duct as I see no separate humidifier supply takeoff duct on my system.

Any unevaporated water from the flow through evaporator pad runs off into the drain pan and flows through to a household drain, which is what is coming out in force. Perhaps this is normal (humidistat sensing low humidity when set to 25 hence pulling water in) then.

b. perhaps this is a solenoid valve assembly is not working correctly.

Any suggestions on how to test which is the case? Water is very expensive in my town (12% additional company increase just asked for, and 6% increase from sanitation company). I conserve water.

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