Does anyone have built-in hampers

gmp3August 30, 2010

I am remodeling my laundry room this winter and I am looking for ideas. I would like 3 bins for sorting clothes by color. Does anyone have built-in bins? My laundry room is in a 10' x 10' room that is also the pantry/storage/junk area and it is right off my kitchen. There is a laundry chute. I would like someplace to sort the laundry that has come down the chute but hasn't been washed. Right now I have 3 14 year old ugly plastic hampers which work well but are unsightly.

Wow I just realized my hampers are older than two of my kids!

It is time to replace them and I would love to hear ideas or see pictures.

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I have one laundry bin built in under my laundry base cabinet. I have to open the door and slide out the white wire basket. If I were redesigning it and had more room, I would choose three slideout hampers that didn't require opening a door first or even the tilt-out kind (that I have in both of our bathrooms with showers). The tilt-out type hampers are nice, but the door hinges always seem to need tightening or the hamper gets stuck on mechanism.

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My hampers are in our Master Closet & are behind a cabinet door with tilt-out wire baskets. My husband & I sort our whites & darks there. I then take these down to the laundry room (newly remodeled, but not nearly as large as yours & no laundry chute). My sorting continues here as I bring in my 2 boys' laundry (not sorted) & towels, sheets etc. I have a counter & under it I have 2 laundry baskets that work into the scheme. I mostly use the counter for folding. It isn't terribly efficient, but it is sooooooooooo much better than it was (we added a foot when we remodeled the kitchen). I now have a sink, a broom closet & rod. Right now I am leaving an extra basket out for clothes that come off downstairs -- socks, school unitforms as we change for sports, etc. This summer managing the towels was a trip (as it always is). I'll try to post photos -- something I've never done.

I've considered turning my Rev-a-shelf trash can into a hamper & put a smaller trash can under the sink, but since I am still getting organized I'm not making any major changes, yet.

Good luck.

(Sorry I can't make the picture work right now, plus the picture I have only shows stacked washer/dryer & sink. I'll attempt to take another picture over the next few days & see if I can make this happen.)

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Thanks! I'd love to see pictures. Where did you get the tilt out mechanism for the cabinets?

I have a rev a shelf slide out in the kitchen and wonder if it could hold a laundry basket especially if it was filled with heavy laundry like jeans.

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I have a three-compartment laundry sorter that I roll under a counter used for folding clothes. It's easy to roll it out for sorting clothes and then it rolls back under the countertop out of the way. The countertop is mounted on brackets so that the area underneath is open. The countertop is long enough that I have a shelf underneath at one end with laundry baskets to store clean, folded clothes and then the laundry sorter rolls under the other end.

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I have had built-in bins, but they develop a permanent musty "old sock" odor. I prefer roll-out hampers or bins with washable liners.

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The tilt-out (wire) bins came with an "Easy Closets" installation (the custom closets from Costco). Many of their accessories were by Hafele, but Rev-a-shelf may be remarketing. I have seen similar pictures for both lines on the web. I usually wipe out the cabinet once a month with Antibacterial wipes, as well, spray my laundry closets with Lysol spray.

I have attached the different laundry options from the Rev-a-shelf site. Before you purchase look for the product on or to make sure you get the best prices.

The Rev-a-shelf I was thinking about repurposing is actually the trash can, but I was thinking more for incidentals. I don't know about heavy jeans, but this is pretty high quality hardware so might take some weight. As you can see on the web site they have a large laundry basket solution.

I hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-a-shelf Clothes Hampers

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