machines not working, then working again

dab07August 15, 2014

I posted here recently about my 12 year-old Bosch Axxis washer and dryer both malfunctioning. The dryer was only warm, not hot, taking hours to dry. The washer was not draining or spinning, and wouldn't go on with the cycle.

I gave up on them both for over a week, but tried the washer yesterday and it's working again. I started doing half-full loads on quick cycle, and have progressed to nearly full loads on regular cycle. I got brave today and tried the dryer, and it is also working!

I'm not optimistic about them continuing to work, but I've done 6 loads in 2 days and so far they're operating completely normally.

Anyone have any idea what would cause either of them, let alone both, to act like this?? Does it mean they're on their way out? Or they're miraculously cured? They're stacked and the washer plugs into the dryer, but they weren't moved or touched or anything during this time. Could it be that a load was too heavy and that put it out of whack for a few loads before returning to normal? But that doesn't explain the dryer....

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Sounds like it might have been the effects of a brownout. I've included a link to brownouts on Wikipedia below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Brownout (electricity)

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Thanks for your suggestion. I read it, but don't know enough about types of motors to follow it. The washer is still working, but the dryer is back to its old tricks -- beeping that there's lint needing to be cleaned or just bc the load is allegedly dry, when neither is true. (However, I will check the back of the dryer again to make sure no lint built up in the vent.)

I got the brilliant idea to try the permanent press cycle, and that worked fine. Wish I understood mechanics/electronics!

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Arrgghhh! The perm press cycle only worked that once, now it's not working either.

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