Happy summer Canada Day Fourth of July......

agmss15July 4, 2014

Happy summer all! It's hot and sticky here in Maine. Summer is here. First orange daylilies and black-eyed susans yesterday, picked first basil, last peonies have withered, squash tomatoes and cukes are suddenly growing fast.

Made pizza outside tonight with ciabbata dough that had been refrigerated for four days. Amazing.

Day 5 or 6 of a sourdough starter. Now a ball each of rye and rye/wheat that will go from seed mix to mother tomorrow am. Makes me feel like a mad scientist.

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Happy 4th of July!!!

Looking forward to seeing what is on everyone's menu today.


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Happy Independence Day!!!
I can't wait to hear what's on your menus, and hopefully see some pics in the WFD thread.

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Happy 4th of July to all who observe it.

Our neighbor will be hosting his annual fireworks get-together tonight. It's amazing what a beautiful show he puts on only using the legal varieties for our state while blaring out patriotic music. We'll be gathering there about 8 P.M. with everyone bringing some food or drink to share. He has a rule of no plates or utensils - true finger food only.

My contribution will be what our family calls Tropical Cupcakes - pineapple in the batter, Sailor Jerry spiced rum flavoring the frosting, and toasted coconuts and macadamia nuts on top. In our non air conditioned kitchen, summer baking is done first thing in the morning so they are already packed up and ready to go.

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Happy 4th of July to our American friends !!!

July 1st was wonderful in Calgary ! we went to the Olympic parc then we tried to eat at the food trucks but the lineups were too long !

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A happy and safe Fourth to all our friends south of the 49th.....post menus..you guys always do it up well!

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Moments after this picture was taken, an awful tragedy befell my son's Fourth of July pancakes, that not even Captain America could prevent.

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Double double post post

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Did you grill your pizza on your BGE? I want more details!

Mitch, the first time I heard someone in Canada say "lineup", I thought it was of a police lineup of suspected criminals. I think in UK they call it a que. It's been a long time since I've been to Canada, and I miss it a lot. I would love to go to Calgary and Banff - Kevin has been and says he would like to go again.

We're grilling pizza again, and this time we are taking videos and photos. I want to show a friend how I stretch pizza dough onto a screen.


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Pizza was made in my woodfired oven. I started the fire about 2 hours earlier. These took about 3-4 minutes each because of the thicker wetter crust. Usually I make a very thin crust pizza and they take 60-90 seconds - very easy to go from kissed by fire to blackened. The four day old dough made a really bubbly yummy crust.

I do mean to make pizza on the egg when I am making a quick dinner for one. Have not tried it yet and have not gone back to the egg store for a stone. Expensive fascinating accessories.

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Oh John ...I can see the tragedy unfolding.....did he apply the 10 second rule...or in this case maybe the 20 second rule!!

Lars come on up you would love it here...especially Vancouver and Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City too... very cosmopolitan and vibrant

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Happy Independence Day! Last year we spent Canada Day in Canada and this year we're back in the USA for fireworks and a picnic supper. I made a bow tie pasta pesto salad with chicken and sun dried tomatoes. It's my DGS#1's fave from the deli counter at Gelson's. So I decided to make it my interpretation, I hope it passes the test! I've cut up veggies, melon and made more chicken to toss for a mustardy chicken salad with avocado. I'm depending upon other friends to add their treats to the meal. Have a safe & sane 4th everyone!

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