Fisher and Paykel GWL11

2Bill56August 25, 2013

Problem with washer. Won't spin. Looks like the Fault code is 10000 010 if I did it right (Temp down + Power then Low and Stop spin lights on).

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Fault Code130 (10000010)
Single Rotor Position Sensor Error
The Motor Controller has found an error in the pattern received from the Rotor Position Sensor. Likely causes of this fault are a bad connection on the harness between the Rotor Position Sensor and the Motor Controller, or a faulty Rotor Position Sensor.

Primary Source: Wiring.
1) Check for corrosion on the edge connector of the Rotor Position Sensor and the Motor Controller module connector.
2) Check the contacts on the rotor positional sensor end of the hall harness to see if any have been damaged. (Each set of contacts in the socket has two wipers. If the distance between these wipers varies between different contacts, replace the rotor positional sensor harness).

Secondary Source: Rotor Position Sensor.
Check the Rotor Position Sensor with an R.P.S. tester. Replace if faulty.

Tertiary Source: Motor Controller module.
Replace Motor Controller module.

An R.P.S. Tester is a specific electronic diagnostic tool for authorized F&P servicers. It's the only way to directly test an RPS module. However, RPS modules are fairly inexpensive so it's reasonable to simply replace a suspect module.

Access to the RPS requires disassembly of the SmartDrive motor, which is mounted beneath the outer tub. Unscrew the large spiral nut at bottom of the motor, the rotor will back itself off the drive shaft. Pull the rotor clear (beware the magnets in the rotor are very strong) and set it aside away from metallic debris. Unscrew the four nuts that hold the stator to bottom of the tub, lift it clear and turn it over to access the RPS. The RPS snaps into position over several of the stator poles. Pay attention to where it mounts and how the wire harness routes through the strain relief fingers.

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Thanks for the quick response including details how to check or replace the RPS.

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