any hvac quotes for dual fuel heat pump charge upgrade fee?

ExecAsstDecember 16, 2011

I have a quote for 16 Seer Trane fossil fuel Heat Pump 95% Gas,our HVAC charges upgrade charges from 2ton, 3ton and 4ton, is that normal for a dual fuel heat pump? Seems a bit pricy, but also includes duct work for new construction. He quotes around $10,800 for the 2 ton, about $6000 for the 3 ton, and $6200 for the 4 ton. Thanks.

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this post deserves further and more complete explanation...

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Tiger said, "this post deserves further and more complete explanation..."

Amen. First of all, where are you located? If you have any degree of heat/humidity in the summer, you need to size the HP for COOLING.

To be offered a choice of HP with a 2 ton spread is preposterous, not to mention how your duct system will function.

Info please. Heat calc, anyone?


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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

How he gonna size this without the man J,man S
Need to fine tune according to systems capacitiy.

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