Bosch Axxis Washer Vibration

jseeleyAugust 7, 2010

I am having vibration problems with the Bosch Axxis+ washer. I'm almost positive it's a problem even though I never owned a FL. I live on the 2nd floor of a condo. The subfloor is wafer board and on top of that is a poured gypsum sound pad. In the laundry closet which is about 31" deep by 37" wide, I myself poured an extra 3/8" layer of mortar. The floor is solid. On top of that I put a dense rubber mat, 3/4" thick..the type you find in weight rooms...really heavy. I used the mat as the finished floor... nice with rubber baseboard around the wall.

I tried the Axxis washer on top of that. During washing, each time the clothes (1/2 load) slam down to the bottom of the drum the washer cabinet wobbles a bit. And while spinning at only 800rpm (1/2 load), it vibrated terribly. A glass of water placed on top would start to walk. Spin vibration feels like holding plywood down while someone is cutting it with a saber/jib saw. Vibration didn't smooth much as it reached 800rpm. Also, most loads seemed to be out of balance a bit. I've been loading all light heavier than cotton slacks. I'm afraid to try a full load of towels at 1200rpm.

I thought maybe the hard rubber mat was too soft or thick? So I tried a piece of 3/4 MDF fiberboard on top of the rubber mat which I'm using now. The washer seemed more solid but I have the same vibrations...maybe a little better. I am so disappointed.

The washer is perfectly level, all feet are solid on the floor, and all 4 shipping bolts were removed. I'm planing on stacking this set after I make sure everything is ok with the washer.

I'm starting to think this is one picky machine or it's faulty.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Get rid of the mat.
A washer is to be placed on a solid floor. If the floor flexes even a little it will cause the problems you mention. Putting the MDF on the mat is not getting rid of a flexible surface.

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Thanks so much!! I've waiting all day for a response! The directions on the mortar I poured(ardex gs-4) says don't use it as a finished floor. So I guess the MDF placed directly on the mortar will be fine? I was afraid to put tile down because of the wood subfloor so I used the rubber.. I read a lot of good things about the hard rubber mat. And after my first load, I started thinking it was the culprit.

I sealed the MDF with polyurethane. Do you think plywood would be better?
Thanks again.

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I've decided to get rid of the hard rubber mat and MDF board. Tomorrow, I'm going to try the washer directly on my cement pad. (Now I'm kicking myself for not pouring the pad thicker.) If it works, then I'll tile it or does anyone have any other ideas for a floor cover? If it doesn't work, I will have run out of ideas.

Any other suggestions or comments? Thanks so much.


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Sweet!!! I removed the dense rubber mat (which many people in this forum and the internet spoke so highly of in reducing vibration) and plywood(mdf) and placed my Axxis+ Washer on the bare unfinished floor which is a thin cement pad over a wood subfloor. And it worked great this time... Big difference. Thanks jakvis. Even when the load was slightly unbalanced, the washer was still pretty firm. Although, it can't be denied that when you place your hand on the washer top while final spinning, you should feel something!!! Maybe a bit of a pulsation depending on the balance of the load.

I have to yank out the washer ONE MORE TIME to put the baseboard in at least. If it was up to me, I would LEAVE THE FLOOR AS IS with no floor cover which is not an option as per Ardex GS4 cement.

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