More SQ questions - rinse level, moving, haggling

sarakayAugust 24, 2012

Just about to pull the trigger on a Speed Queen! Either an AWN412 or an AWN432 top loader.

But I have a few remaining questions and would appreciate any responses from SQ owners/washing machine mavens.

1 - rinse water level. I know the wash water is under user control but what about the rinse level? Does the SQ rinse in just a little bit of water as per govt. energy efficiency regulations, or is the rinse water level the same as the wash water level? If the rinse water level is low I guess I would go with the AWN432 for the extra rinse cycle.

2- I may be moving in the next year or so. Are there special packing materials I should save to keep the SQ safe and functional as it bounces along in the moving truck?

3- haggling ... OK, I am NOT COMFORTABLE with haggling but there are actually two SQ dealers in the area. I know this will not be like saying to the Lowes guy, "well, maybe I can get this cheaper at Home Depot" but is there much wiggle room on a SQ price? Are there any hints and tips about negotiating with appliance dealers that anyone can share?



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Did you get a speed queen, sarakay? Which one? I am debating as to which one to get Thanks

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