Help! Miele 4800 problem.

texas_fireAugust 22, 2011

I searched the forum but had no results.

Please point me to a thread or freshly explain.

My wife went to start the cycle but the buzzer keeps going off. No lights on the panel at all.

Water is available. Cleaned lint drum.

Miele W 4800.

Tried unplugging it. Waited all day.

Plugged back in.

Light comes on inside washer.

Buzzer goes off eventually.

Buttons beep as you push them.


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It sounds like the Waterproof system is being activated. You may have a leak without even knowing it. My suggestion would be to call Miele Customer Service ASAP and get a service person out there. I believe the W4840 has a catch pan as part of the Waterproof design, so if it had a tiny leak you may not ever see any water on the floor but the machine would still throw an alarm.

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Tech was here. Looks to be a bad door lock switch assembly.
Estimate for parts, tax and labor is $290-ish

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If you're not too far out of warranty you might ask Miele to pay for it. If you had a Miele authorized installer put in your machines, you should have received a 2nd year extension on your warranty automatically.

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I installed it myself 3 years ago. So, even if I had that extra year it would be one year past.

I think it might be the way my wife somewhat aggressively closes the door several times a day for 3 years. I have asked her to gently close it from now on. :-)

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@texas_fire - FWIW, if I close the door of my W4842 too gently, the machine does not recognize that it has closed. I don't slam it, but I can't baby it, either.

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@cavimum, that has happened to me a couple times too. I get a message to close door and confirm with start. Is that what happens to you?

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Texas Fire,

Early on Miele had several issues with the original W 48XX series regarding the door latch and sagging door. A retrofit kit was released help address these issues by Miele that included a new latch/switch assembly. Can you please tell me whether your door latch looks like the following? Please comment on both the chrome catch end shape, and the roller receiver. Your wife slamming the door would have no bearing on the switch assembly longevity. Miele did several modifications over the course of this model series to improve the latch and door.

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@livebetter - yes, that's the same message I get.

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yes, that is my door latch exactly.
Well, I suppose she has been vindicated for having caused the problem.
I guess I better not count my chickens anyway, if it all works fine after this part is installed then I will let everyone know.

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Bad news! The new door mechanism is installed but it still doesn't work.
Mr. Appliance rep was on his cell phone with miele rep.
He used an ear piece so I only heard 1 side of the phone conversation. They checked a bunch of voltages and it seems it is a bad motherboard.

Good news, Miele called back after a few minutes and said they would provide the MOBO free but the NJ warehouse in Keasbey was hit by Irene so it will take a few weeks or so.

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