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acehAugust 4, 2012

I'm about to purchase a new washer/dryer set. Which would be the better option...a Top Loader High Efficiency or Front Loader High Efficiency Washer? Would a dryer with the "auto moisture" sensing be a good idea?

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Aceh. (cont. from appliance forum)

I have the DLG5102V Dryer.
They are a very nice set, we have had them almost a year now without any issues at all.
The LG washer at least does NOT in anyway damage your clothes it is quite gentle and uses the "Waveforce" action to get clothes clean.
On certain settings the waveforce kicks in and as the clothes are spinning it pushes the detergent water into the center of the washer which then gets pushed through the clothes repeatedly.
Works like a charm.

It is very quiet, seems to be well made, has a glass top which is cool so you can see the clothes washing.
and plays a nice little tune when the clothes are done.

It uses just the right amount of water on all loads, then washers will weigh your clothes when it starts then adjust water level to that weight.
IF by chance you want a bit more water then you can add water twice by pushing a button.
You want the clothes just covered with water that way the washing action works properly.

Many HE washers do not use enough water and you can not add water.
This one does not have that problem.

However you will get 2 strong opinions on Top Vs Front loaders.
Those that love Front loaders swear by them and claim nothing is better and they never ever have any problems with them.
Same for those like myself that prefer Top loaders.

In my research which was rather extensive I found that most people in this country have and use top loaders, it is something around 80%.
Of the 20% that use Front loaders i noticed when you look at hundreds & hundreds of reviews you will see a pattern.
That pattern being that Front loaders are FAR more prone to Bearing failure, Far more prone to leaks and in general something happens to them within 3-7 years.
plus they are far more prone to Mold and Mildew problems unless you are very diligent about cleaning the front seal and leaving the washer door open, even then some models might still develop mold.

The way the drum bearings have pressure on them makes them wear out faster.
Only ones without this malady are the funky ones called a Staber Washer because they are TOP load but still side axis.

Most people in the Laundry forum will probably recommend a Front Loader.
So do not take my word for it, please look for yourself.

Compare reviews of the LG washer I mentioned here and ANY Front loader, look them all over very carefully then make your decision.
I saw WAY too may problems associated with Front loaders for me to buy one personally.
But you could buy a front loader and have it work problem free for 15 years, just roll the dice.

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From personal experience (and maybe it was just the brands I had), I would not got with an HE top loader. We had bad experiences with both the Kenmore and Maytag brands. I would go with either a front loader or traditional top loader.

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I'm completely biased because of a very terrible experience with my first (and only) top load HE washer. My new front load machine runs CIRCLES around my old machine. With that said, while researching new washers I did read that many people are happy with their LG waveforce machines. It sounds like it is one of the rare ones that actually cleans well. My concern would be from the videos I've seen of it going so off-balance that the top blows off. My oasis would go off-balance easily but at least it did one thing right -- it'd shut itself down instead of blowing off the top LOL. The off-balance issues though are very common in those HE top loaders and the final straw with our machine was it eventually becoming impossible to balance *any* load. We believe the drum assembly needed to be replaced but were not going to invest yet more money into a bad washer. My front loader can handle heavy cotton blankets without any balance issues. Those same blankets destroyed my top loader. When my mother moved in with me (and her crazy heavy blankets) the balance issues became ridiculous. And I had to admit to her it was silly that my $1000 washer couldn't handle a cotton blanket. And for those that would say 'you didn't used it right'...yes, we did. We tried balancing with other items, we would basically stand on our heads and rub our bellies to get it to work and the little 'bump' from the small agitator also would put holes in these blankets as the spin cycle pulled and stretched them across. We did load it correct but sometimes it'd mushroom over the other blankets or towels we'd use to balance and pull it so tight it eventually ripped. Our clothing also was turning up with all these tiny pinholes. I decided I'd rather deal with an early death to a washer that cleaned well and didn't ruin my clothes than have a washer that was such a headache and ruined my clothing.

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