Whirlpool Duet Sport Washing Machine...Drum Not Moving

karlar80August 16, 2013

Help! My Whirlpool Duet Sport washing machine is giving me fits. I started a load of laundry when I got home tonight, and noticed half an hour later that my laundry was still sitting in the tub just the way I'd loaded it, and it was DRY! (even though it was supposedly in a spin cycle)

So, I powered it down and restarted it to discover that the drum isn't moving at all. It fills, it drains, it makes noises like it's turning or spinning, but nothing's happening.

The model no. is WFW8300SW01.

Oddly, I'm not getting an error code.

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Uh...so...I forgot to finish my post. Sorry, it's been a long week.

Anyway-does anyone know what could be causing this? Is this going to be an easy repair? I suspect not since my units are stacked and in a small space. *sigh* Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I gotta lotta kiddos. And that translates into a lotta laundry.


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99.9% probability the belt broke. Odd that it isn't throwing a fault but the control board perhaps can't sense there's a problem since it is getting an RPM reading from the running motor.

Part number 8540101. Range of $17 to $25 .. more or less depending on the source.

Belt replacement requires removal of the rear panel ... but then simple matter of slipping it over the motor and drum pulleys.

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