AC in bedroom - where?

Jace33December 19, 2012

Hi all,

I'm undecided between three walls where I can place a ductless mini-split in a bedroom:

1. Side: The only available space (due to windows) would be aiming towards the pillows. So it's on the side wall, but closer to the head of the bed rather than the foot.

2. At the head of bed: Right behind our heads on the wall.

3. At the foot of the bed: This would require like 10 feet of piping.

Which is best? Of course, no one wants wind blowing in their face all night while sleeping!


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A diagram would be good. Please see if you can post a reasonably accurate drawing. Is this cooling-only or heating too? Either way, head of the bed is bad. In cooling mode as it approaches the set point, the blower will slow way down and cold air will just cascade out onto your head. In heating mode, you will get hot, dry air in your face. The foot is not much better. I think that the side is most likely the best. We were lucky in that we could easily arrange both of our bedrooms with the high wall mini splits on the same wall as the bed and "aimed" at the opposite wall. Have you considered a ceiling cassette?

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Thanks for your reply.

Here's a reasonable paint drawing of the room:

As you can see, the windows prevent the AC from being a bit more centered - which would've been perfect in my opinion.

I still think the side is the best option, but (1) I'm worried about it blowing cold air right into my face every night, and (2) I think the wall will look cramped/ugly with the two windows + AC, but whaddya gonna do?

BTW, this is cooling only. I live near the equator.

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Is there a reason that you can't locate it above the windows or door? I have three of them above doors. What is wrong with directly opposing the door or on the wall with the door but closer to the corner by the windows?

Is your proposed equipment inverter-type? If so, if it is sized for daytime peak cooling, it will be running pretty slowly at night. At that point the fan speed will be very low. I think that by the window or on the door with the wall would be pretty much the same for wind blowing on the face. I suppose that you might want to consider your sleeping position (back, right side or left side) when making your decision.

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OR, move the bed and/or wardrobe?

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Above the windows: they're too high; not enough room.

Above door: That's very far from the outside/compressor which means like 2 walls of piping inside the room.

Closer to the corner by the windows seems like a good idea in terms of cooling properly. I guess I have a thing for symmetry, lol, but I might have to forgo it this time.

Version 2:

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Actually, I'd go for the one that I did not suggest and you indicated, near the head of the bed, but not over it. If that is a short line run, I think that is a winner.

The appeal of symmetry is natural for humans. It is important in some primitive survival skills which might explain it.

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Thanks. It is a short line run; the wall to the outside is right there.

BTW, how can I tell if it's inverter type? I'm buying a mini ductless, but the guys at the store don't seem to know a whole lot (/rollseyes). I've taken some of the model numbers and googled them, which leads to Samsung or LG's official sites, but not in english. Region-specific models... although I'm sure there are equivalents with one-letter-off model numbers.

At any rate, these are quite cheap for split units, so I would guess they don't have the best technology. They're less than $1000 apiece for 18,000 BTU mini ductless units. But that seems to be the going price in this country.

There are some higher priced models but the store guys can't tell you why there's a $300 difference!

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OP, I am sorry to see that the people selling the stuff don't know about it. If they are inverter models, the manufacturer will be proud of it and probably will advertise it with the information about the equipment. Inverter units respond to partial load better. This is very useful in humid environments where they can slow blower speed and compressor speed. That can keep the cooling minimized while keeping the evaporator very cold maximizing dehumidification. For me, in a humid environment, it would be worth $300 to get better equipment. Comfort will be better and so will the condition of your house (less mold).

Saltidawg, my mother used to say that there is usually only one way to put furniture in a room. If that is not already the case for Jace33, the mini split might make it that way ;-)

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Thanks again ionized. I haven't seen any stickers on the store models saying they were inverter units.

Here's a unit I'm considering:

At the store, there was one LG, one Samsung, and one Panasonic that are all within a few dollars of each other, yet I dunno the difference really.

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Can you not move the bed to the wall with the door in it?

This would provide other options.

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For what its worth, based on some research your model would appear to be a model with an EER (enery efficiency rating of 9). This would probably equate to a SEER rating of around 12 or so which indicates a non inverter model for an 18,000 btu output.

In my opinion 18,000 btu would appear to be way too large for your bedroom (even without knowing all the factors that might influence sizing.)especially with a non inverter model.

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I'm considering a 12k BTU unit for the bedroom.

The 18k unit is for the living room, which is practically open from 2 directions.

I personally think 12k is too much for even the bedroom, but that's the smallest mini-split I've seen around here. Guys at electronics shops even recommend 18k instead of 12... lol.

So, a non-inverter in a too-small room will essentially be fluctuating almost nonstop?

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Sorry, I did try to help. lol

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It will turn on and off a lot. Higher humidity and lower comfort will result. If the door is left open, it might be better.

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Sorry for not responding saltidawg. I appreciate your suggestion, but I personally prefer it the way it is now.

Moving the bed to that wall would mean whoever is on the left side would need to go around the bed every time, and the person on the right side would be immediately at the door. Both are undesirable in my personal opinion.

Thanks again ionized. I will do some more serious research about inverter models. I saw a Samsung with a high energy rating the other day... maybe this could be our guy? I'll try to see if I recorded the model #.

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Samsung makes a 9000 btu model as do most other manufacturers.Would think that wherever you are (assume middle east maybe) they would have those available...keep searching!

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I can see your point about re-arranging.

My perspective, as a retired Navy Submariner, is jaded, I suspect. In a room that size I'd expect to have 12-15 guys sleeping. (I see that it would be guys and gals nowadays.)

This post was edited by saltidawg on Mon, Dec 24, 12 at 9:41

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15 people at rest would be about 9000 BTU extra wouldn't it?

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I'd also go with above the head of the bed. I've actually had this before, and it was just fine. You never get the wind in your face, and it is rather comfortable.

As for size, I'd also say you are way oversized. We just decided to do a "ducted ductless" which is something I'd never heard of..., instead of a 3 headed minisplit for 3 bedrooms. Even 3 6ks, were going to be too much for the 3 bedrooms. 6ks were only available to off-brands. I think Mitsubishi only had 9ks as the smallest for a 3-head system.

You might check into right sizing.

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I've checked tons of people's experiences... it seems that despite the fact that it makes no sense on paper, people here get way more BTU than necessary and they say - from experience - that anything less won't do the trick.

30-day money back guarantee is not an option here, so once I buy it, I'm screwed unless I want to sell it used and lose out on the installation fee and some more.

Not to mention the smallest split unit I've seen in the market was 12k BTU - which I was advised against repeatedly.

Worst case scenario, I can just keep it on low, right? But I'll have wasted money on the extra tonnage.

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I have 4, 6000 BTU Mitsubishi and 3, 9000 in my house. IIRC, Sanyo makes a 5000 BTU indoor unit.

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I don't think I would want it at the head of the bed in case it should start leaking, or other condensation started dripping.

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These have a tube to drain condensation. If it is dripping, it isn't installed properly.

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