Minimum standpipe height?

tabbaldwinAugust 12, 2010

I saw a post on here recently that mentioned a problem with their standpipe height which got me to worrying about my new house and my new Maytag Bravos. So, while I was at the house today (not yet moved in), I measured, and it's 35" from the floor. Just now I read the online manual for the Maytag Bravos which says it should be a minimum of 39". Uh oh. I guess I have to make the builder move it? Any other remedy???


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That was me that posted. Just wanted to let you know that after freaking out all night that I bought a washer I couldn't use and researching all over the internet, I went into Lowes (where I bought it). First stop was plumbing. We figured we could add some pipe to to make it the right height. The guy there said not to and that we should be fine. Then went to appliances and spoke to someone there. He said didn't really seem "in the know" but also said to go ahead and try a few loads. Worse case scenario the pipe would overflow, second worse would be washer wouldn't work properly due to siphoning issues (at least per all my research), so figured I'd try....

Happy to say it worked just fine. Everyone keeps telling us that yes, it would be great if it was the 39 inches, but most standard around here are 30-36.
Have done lots of loads and no issues as of yet.

Good luck!!


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Thanks, Cassie---I saw your reply to me in your own thread and responded there too.

So builders in your area are doing 30-36"? And it sounds like mine uses approx 35" as his standard. Maybe they need to read some new washing machine manuals and raise it a bit--just in case. BUT, if it's never been an issue, well....guess we're fine. Hmm.....I guess the requirements on a front loader are different? After all, some of them are on pedestals.

Anyway, thanks for checking back on this subject--it's just what I needed to hear to quit worrying.....about this one issue anyway.

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My plumber put it at 41" before he knew what kind of washer I had, so I wonder if the "standard" has creeped up?

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