Considering used Bosch Nexxt 800 - advice please

izeveAugust 10, 2012

I am moving and have to say goodbye to my well performing FL LG washer and dryer. The place I am moving to has an old Kenmore top loader and dryer. I am thinking about buying a new washer but don't want to spend a lot of money and really want a front loader with an internal heater that will give me a good hot and sanitary temp performance.

I have seen a Craigslist listing for a Bosch Nexxt 800 series washer. Owner says it's 4 years old and works well. $250. Worth it? Thoughts? Advice? Things to ask and look for?

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I have the nexxt 500 that is over 4 years old and I've had no problems.
Overall I've been pleased with it however there are a few things I don't like on it.
It often has a very hard time balancing with a 2 or 3 item load.
there is no spin only cycle.
and the vibration is pretty bad on my crawl space house.
If you're putting it on concrete that shouldn't be a problem.
Right now I'm babysitting at my son's house and they have an LG front loader which I really like. I like how I can customize cycles with different water temperature and add water . I think it might be a quieter machine , although theirs is in the basement on concrete so perhaps not fair to compare it with mine on the first floor of my crawl space house.

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I have the Nexxt 500 also and would say it is worth it. You need to be aware of two things:

1) shipping bolts should be in place when moving the machine - if they are not it could become damaged during the move.

2) Open up the back of the machine (a star driver is required) Up toward the top left you will see where the hose is connected. Make sure it is pushed up until it clicks into place. This hose connection is in the stupidest spot possible, directly above the electronics that control the machine. If the hose becomes loose, water drops on the boards, killing the machine. I suggest you secure the hose and inspect annually. Other than that, the Bosch Nexxt are great machines.

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Thank you both - very helpful responses. If it is still available, I think I will go for it ;-)

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Take a look at it. Ask them questions like "I have never used a front loader. How do you use it?" If they reply something like, you know, dump in liquid detergent and lots of softener and then stuff it with clothes and run a cold wash... Run! *lol* Well, you get the idea.


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LOL Alex! I was planning to ask if they wash on hot and sanitary, and I will have a good look at it and sniff it as well ;-) Waiting to hear from the owner - hope the washer hasn't been sold yet...

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Went to see it and passed. The washer had the ickiest case of mold I have ever seen. All over the boot and, I am sure, all over the outer drum. What a shame - this washer heats the water to 170F on Sanitary so there is no excuse for the mold. It was very clear that the washer hasn't been used properly. There was also a significant crack near the door hinge.

After a year and a half of regular use, my LG is as clean as it was on the first day I got it from the store. Unfortunately I will not be able to take it with me when I move ;-( I may just relent and get a new washer instead of searching for a used one.

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DON'T do it.

I've had one for nearly 5 years and cannot overstate how much I HATE it.
Have had multiple problems with it.

Will never, ever have another Bosch anything, ever!
(Have other Bosch appliances, not happy with product or service).
But this is not a service complaint.

The washer is expensive and really doesn't do the job of a basic-simple top-loader. Think of comparing the old "water-wasting toilet" that you only had to flush once, to the new and improved "low-flow toilets" that you flush repeatedly, call a plumber etc. Same concept. Not enough water, over-engineered.

Back to washer - - -
White clothes are now, always dingy. That has never been a problem in the past. I now have to wash the same load 2 - 3 times to get it white. I don't use bleach, never have, don't intend to start.

Grinding sound when it runs.
Just recently won't drain.
Repairman pulled out a lot of calcium - thought it was plugging drain.
Apparently NOT.
Still not working - probably computer chip. Now smells hot - as in hot electronics.
I cannot express how much I hate this.
The whole thing has been an expensive and ghastly nightmare.

All I wanted was the simple Maytag I grew up with.

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