Help! What could you not live without, that you HAD to have?

sammy62January 16, 2014

So I go to Lowe's to look at countertops, sinks and floor tile to get some ideas of what I actually like.
I saw the Roth and Allen quartz has 5 or 6 colors on sale for 56.00 (7.00 off the normal price and it is class C). I really liked several of them and found I was drawn to the earthy brown tones.
Then I look at sinks and see this absolutely gorgeous sink in one of their kitchen set ups. I LOVE it. Nice shiny deep brown. So, I ask the woman who was very helpful to see how much it would be for a double undermounted apron front. 2100.00!!! I almost died.
I came home and asked my husband if he wanted the bad news or good news first (the good being the quartz sale).
Any opinions on the sink? The picture does not do it justice. It is so beautiful and shiny. I suppose I *could* get just an undermount but not sure how much that will save. The woman said they could take some money off the price of the sink for me which would help. I feel like the sink could really be a gorgeous focal piece and bring everything together but again, it is a sink. How do you decide if you REALLY want something or whether you can forgo for something else? My husband said forget it and I said, not forget it. I really like it!
Again, the perimeter cabinets will be painted BM lambskin and the island will be a lighter cherry.

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I'm sure it would be a focal point. That said, I'd never spend $2100 for a sink (I'd find another focal point!). But just last night I commented to my husband how happy I was that we had paneled the refrigerator (we have a completely open plan - living, dining and kitchen are all one giant room), and that was plenty expensive to do, so who's to say.

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For us, it was quartz countertops that blew the budget. DH and I were looking at laminate samples for our remodel, and while at the store we found a Cambria sample that we both loved. I ordered a sample, and after having it in the house for weeks, we still loved it.

I love our new sink too- even though it was not a huge expense, it is such an improvement over the old one. You use the sink more than anything else in the kitchen - I think it's a valid place to splurge, as long as it doesn't start a snowball.

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Well, I could get just the under mount double sink and it would only be 800+. Maybe if we ordered the counter tops from them they'd give me a decent discount on the sink. The thing is, I felt with an apron front you see it right away. I think I am having trouble deciding because in the past Ive given up on things I wanted and regretted it. I know in the end some things wont matter as much down the road but how do you figure that out?

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That is a beautiful sink - as it ought to be for $2100. In terms of the splurge (or not), how tight is your budget? Is this going to be your home for a long time or could you have to move in a year? If you stay there and keep your kitchen for 20 years, it's only $100 per year.

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For soapstone counters. HUGE it daily!

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Sammy, look on eBay and discount sites that carry sinks. I was able to find my fireclay apron front for less than half of the retail. Free and quick shipping too!
Good luck

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What in the world is that sink made of? Even the Kohler Stages 45 costs less than that.

If you love that sink, you need to look around and see if there isn't something less pricey in more or less the same look that you could love. Maybe if you said who makes this one and what it's made of, people could help you find something less budget shattering. Honestly, you don't have to decide between a Ferrari and a VW bug, there are options in between.

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It is a Kohler tan and black double undermount apron front sink. Think it is the Hawthorn line.

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I've done kitchens that have had more expensive sinks in them, but the overall cost of the project was 80K. I've done kitchens where the customer absolutely splurged on appliances, and then went basic on the cabinets. Or bought a Waterstone faucet in an otherwise budget space.

Everyone has at least one splurge love in a kitchen. Just watch out for if that splurge is well over your budget and takes away from doing something else that is needed. If you're spending your dollars on Waterford crystal knobs on Chinese awful cabinets, your priorities ARE out of whack.

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good advice from all above, although its all different!!!

only u can decide if its worth it and weigh all pros and cons..
i gave up on a copper sink from Rachiele b/c of cost, do i regret it? some days but in the grand scheme of things its ok....DH could not come to grips with $3000 and it was tough for me to swallow also...., but his sinks are Gorgeous!!!!!! and it would have looked phenomenal but we just couldn't do it...

mostly everyone splurges on something.. for me the sink would have totally blown our budget and it was one of the last things we picked, so first to go...

just a note, if u do get that sink i would re-think the 50/50 split...what a pain doing anything big....i would go with a single bowl myself and definitely not do SS fixtures, go with ORB, IMHO

Good Luck!!!!

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Sorry what is ORB? I have the double sink now. One for washing, one for the rinsing and drying in a drainer. I do not care for the single because there was no room to drip dry. Just my preference.

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If it's your splurge item and you are willing to cut back elsewhere then go for it. Personally, I wouldn't consider a sink a focal point worthy of splurging on except perhaps in a powder room. I think of a kitchen sink as a utilitarian workhorse...for me the cabinets, counters, backsplash and even a range hood are more focal points than a sink.

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My splurge was my Madre Perla countertops. I cut back on other things.
The Kohler special colors like Black and Tan are gorgeous. I had one in Sea Salt in my original plan but it arrived broken and then I changed to a Silgranite.
So, think about the functional aspects of the sink. I linked a post about apron front sinks in which CEFreeman, who I trust implicitly, comments on her gorgeous Roussillon Red Hawthorne double apron front, and how she cannot fit a pasta pot in it. She suggests bringing your BIG pot to the store.
Also, think about your family, how you use the sink, etc.. Think about what you are going to do the first time someone dings the porcelain with a heavy pan and it chips- it will eventually chip. Its a lot of money for a place to wash dirty dishes.
What are you in love with about it, the color? You could get a Kohler Whitehave Apron front in the same color for 1/2 that price - go to
So think carefully and make a wise choice. It is a gorgeous sink but what will putting the money there cost your kitchen as a whole. Would tile be a better focal point than a sink?

Here is a link that might be useful: sinks thread

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Thank you so much everyone for your great suggestions and helpful hints! I am taking all of them into consideration and although I do love the color, I realize I have to take into consideration the possible chipping factor, the amount of money and if there is another possibility out there Id like just as much that isn't so expensive.
I was lucky to be able to see the color in a kitchen display. The big box stores do not have apron front sinks on display in their sink department so very hard to tell from a photo online what something really looks like.
I am hoping to get to a couple places tomorrow and Saturday to see if they have the actual sinks available to look at in person.
How can you tell if you like something if you cannot even physically see it?

As far as the two bowl vs one-I am used to having two bowls, one for washing, one for drip drying in a rack. If I have only one bowl, where do the dishes dry? I don't want them on my counter. As for color, personally, I do not like either white or stainless with cream cabinets. I realize some people do this and that is fine. I am not a fan of those colors together. If anyone has any other suggestions of what color or sink they feel would look good by all means PLEASE feel free to suggest anything! I love tips, suggestions and any help you can offer!
Thanks again for all the help. Believe me it is greatly appreciated.
I also have been considering a gray/ gray blue paint color on the wall. Again, not a definite or something I have to have. It could totally change depending on my counters and tile on the floor and backsplash.
I had the interior decorator come tonight and showed her the style and colors I like. She is going to put a few things together for starters and then we will go from there. Should be interesting.
The Mr and I are taking a vacation (sort of) so we will not be meeting her for over two weeks. Not sure how much will get done at my house by the time I get back but we shall see.

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What color appliances are you getting?

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This is what I would do. FIrst see if you can get it cheaper online or elsewhere. Maybe Lowe's will put it on sale soon. Even if you cant find it for cheaper, but you still want it, wait a couple weeks. Sometimes when I want something expensive really badly, if I wait a little while, I change my mind about wanting it. (Maybe I find something else I like better, or maybe I decide I dont like it so much after all.) If you still want it and you can make it work in your budget, then get it. But I would only buy it if you plan on being in the house for awhile. You'll be pleased every time you look at the sink in your kitchen for years.

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Oh yeah, Joanie I just realized, yeah...........SS appliances. Wont look good with copper. I also realized it is not an undermounted sink. Oh well............
Rockybird. You are so right. I am going to sit on it for a bit and see how I feel. I dont want to rush inti any decision and regret anything and wish I had stuck with one thing or done another.

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It's an undermount sink. Most apron sinks are. But it will need a specialty farm sink base as farm sinks are taller than the false front on a regular sink base. If you don't have a farm sink base, it's a real PIA (and another expense) to remake the sink base to accept a farm sink. Often it's just easier to go with a curtain below than to remake the doors.

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I dont think you should rule out the idea of a copper sink because you have stainless appliances. Lots of kitchens mix them. Some panel the fridge and DW but I dont even think its the majority. Look on Houzz, with a search on copper sink
Here are some images from there

Traditional Kitchen by Granada Hills Kitchen & Bath Designers Artesano Copper Sinks

Mediterranean Kitchen by Santa Ana Interior Designers & Decorators Cindy Smetana Interiors

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Thank you live wire and Localeater. Livewire, the cabinet maker is building a new cabinet base for the sink. Ours had some mold issues because of a previous leak. Are you saying double mount (which is what the copper sink is) is still undermount? It looks like it goes over the sink, no?
Localeater, thanks so much for the pictures! It really does look good!

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Livewire sorry, I also have a post about sinks on here and put a picture up of the copper sink which is double mounted. I was getting confused.
The brown sink above is undermount. The copper sink that I saw online for home depot said it was double mounted. Sorry for the confusion!

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ORB is oil-rubbed bronze

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A dual mount sink is one that can be upmounted or undermounted. Either way needs an installer who is highly experienced in creating the platform/shimming so as to mount these correctly. They need to align properly with the counter height of the product being used. That height will be different if it's a solid surface or a stone product, and if the sink is to be upmounted or undermounted..

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i read this title and my first answer before reading the thread was running water.

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Lol detroit, yes this is true.
Livewire, thank you so much! I had no idea. Learning new things every day!
Now I dont know what I want! I mean, I really really do like the tan and black sink but the copper one is much cheaper and looks really nice.
Sometimes I think having so many options makes it difficult to make a decision! And this is just a sink!

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I second the suggestion to reconsider a 50/50 split sink. There is plenty of room in a single bowl to wash, rinse and air dry. There just isn't a center divide. I just have one sink (30", certainly not the largest), and I have prep and cleanup areas going on at the same time with no problems.

Edited to answer the actual question in the title: Soft-close doors. Except I actually didn't know I HAD to have them until I got them. And they weren't even part of my kitchen redo because I didn't know about them till after the dust had settled and the workers went home. I bought Blum adapters and installed them myself. Best $60 I ever spent.

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Thank you Linelle . I have looked at the single bowl sinks as well and saw that there are indeed some just as large as the double bowl so I could definitely do both washing and drying in the same sink. I was thinking the single bowl was only as large as the one side of a double bowl (hey its been over 20 years since I have had to buy a sink and I didn't even think to look at a single bowl sink because I did not realize they made them just as big as the double bowl!) Thank you so much for your suggestion! Others had suggested the same but I never even looked at the single bowls until this morning!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I'm not sure how the Whitehaven compares to the Hawthorne, but it is Kohler, black and tan, and ap $1000 less on eBay. The one in the link is for a 30" cabinet.

I bought my stainless apron front single on eBay, clearance price, and I still looooove it.

My must have was a vented hood--still love that, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whitehaven

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sammy62, you will be amazed at the amount of real estate in a single-bowl sink, plus the depth. If you get a grid to go into the bottom, it keeps things like drying dishes up and out of the swirling water AND it will let you dry things on their sides. You can always use a small plastic tub for handwashing and still have room for a small drying rack on the other side. And you don't lose the space taken up with a permanent divider.

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sammy, just measured my 30" sink's actual interior length and it's 28-1/4". See what one single bowl that size can do:

A view from counter level:

Grid removed, small drainer on left, plastic bowl for washing by hand on right. You could fit a much larger one inside:

Grid in bottom, serving as dish-drying rack and keeping everything out of the water running on the other side:

Most people want offset drains. I like having mine in the middle. I live alone and don't mind dishes drying on the counter. I wash all my pots and pans by hand so there's always something drying. I also prefer using the grid, even though you do chase food around a bit.

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Thank you so much for your pictures Linelle! I really appreciate it! I am definitely going to reconsider the single bowl as it is quite large. I too usually do dishes by hand because it is just the two of us. I hardly ever use the dishwasher but will probably have to at least once every two weeks don't you think so it doesn't just sit?
P.s. I love your cabinet, backsplash and counter together! Looks great!
Is that that granite on your counter? Looks a bit like my sister-in-law's.

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Sammy, thank you and you're welcome. My counters are Caesarstone Smoky Ash.

I only run my dishwasher twice a week at most, but now that California's in a huge drought, it makes more sense to use the DW than run things under water. That's one old habit that's hard to break.

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Ahhh California. I was there in the summer. Loved it. Now I am freezing my tushie off in RI. lol
Actually we are going away for two weeks next week to see my parents in Florida. Only going to be in the 60's but it is better than 30! Guess the trip was well timed since I do not have a kitchen to cook in! When I booked it, I didn't even know I would be redoing my kitchen. Funny how things work out.

Your cabinets look cream colored or off white. Are they or are they white? We are painting our perimeter cabinets a cream color and our island will be cherry. We are looking at quartz for our counter tops but I am thinking I would like a different counter for my island. My husband is not a fan of granite since we have had it for twenty years. Honestly, I don't know what I want anymore! lol If it looks great, i like it and it comes together its good with me (as long as the materials are good).
Thanks for all your help! Believe me, I do appreciate it!

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I switched from double sink to single bowl, and am so appreciative. Like Linelle, I keep bottom grid in. I got the vegetable strainer, similar to Linelle's, and I use it to dry some dishes.

What is nice about single bowl is that I can fit cookie pans, tube pans, large soup bowls, into it, and let them soak. Since it is often just me and s/o a lot, I don't mind my new dishdrainer by sink. I'd put it away if I had company over.

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Thank you bookworm. Appreciate the help!
I'll be asking for a lot of opinions in the next few weeks!

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Funny, I just saw Linelle's post 'answering the original question", if there is one thing in my kitchen I wouldn't have sacrificed it was my drawers, it is all drawers except sink cabinet.
That was non-negotiable. After that was accounted for my
'budget stretcher' was my counter. I had to make that fit the budget by eliminating or economizing on other items.

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I really do want to know what people found they absolutely could not do without or budge on. I asked because I know I am going to get all kinds of different, interesting answers and that really helps those of us going through our renovation!

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[LOL] I've found there isn't anything I can't live without except a refrigerator. Having lived with no kitchen for several years, (Ok, microwave & the freezer part of the frigerator) I can get by.

What I really enjoy is my under my sink drawer, my (self-made) butcherblock counter, and actually having water. Ok, the sink was a necessity, but the water part is what thrills me. Every time I turn it on. You'd think I'd get over it.

Sammy, that's a lovely sink. Start online shopping!

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Drawers--as many as possible! Single bowl Silgranit (offset drain) sink. Moen Arbor MotionSense faucet--LOVE it. Good luck with your reno, sammy62!

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LED lighting. Really, almost every aspect of this kitchen is so much better than I had: beautiful cabinets, drawers, pullout trash, better layout....I could have economized on nearly everything, but not the lights. I can't tell you how happy that good, bright, white light (3000k) is making me!

Especially with this January gloom!

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sammy, cabinets are creamy white (BM Cloud White). I'm very happy with that color and would choose it again if doing white cabinets.

Quartz is fine for me. I have learned two things that I didn't know then. Well maybe more, but two for this post. :)

1) I don't like busy counters. I like them fine as a beautiful thing to look at, and in someone else's kitchen, but I prefer a quiet counter.

2) I like the look of dark counters, esp. with white cabinets. But it's hard to see where you need to wipe and I'm not crazy about working on top of a dark background. Next time I will pick a lighter counter.

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CEFreeman I totally understand as I have lived without an oven for almost a year. This is what started the whole renovation process. A power surge came through and wiped out our wall oven, microwave, tv, phones, clock radio, etc.

We waited to get a new oven and microwave because we knew we were going to change things around. It has been well worth the wait. Initially, we were only planning to paint the cabinets and get new doors and drawer fronts. Now my husband has basically pulled everything out. Sink, counters, floor, new island being built, new appliances and a new sink cabinet being built due to mold and mildew from a previous leak, new backsplash and we are changing where our ovens were to where my pantry was (and putting in a double wall oven instead of one) and putting the pantry where the ovens and microwave were. It makes more sense. We kept almost all the perimeter cabinets. The boxes are in great shape.
Sun5463 and raee thank you so much for your suggestions! I really enjoy reading everyone's replies! I am taking pictures through out the renovation.

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Linelle, my counters were granite- Violetta. Dark and busy. I have to say the dark does not scare me as long as it is not super dark and with such light cabinets I know I do not want really light counters. I want there to be some contrast. Not a fan of very dark, like black (although I think it looks sleek, especially with white) only because it shows every smudge.
It's funny because I had never considered a countertop with "veins" but finding I might like it for the island. I saw a marble countertop sample I thought was great but then wondered if I would be sick of it after a few years and heard marble stains and I would be using the island the most for cooking as my cooktop is in the island .
That is the scary part to me. Am I going to choose something I will tire of in 5 years?
I added the picture of the marble sample. i love the brown vein running through. Thought it would look good with the cherry. Too bad it stains. Maybe my interior designer can find a granite somewhat like it. I like soapstone for that reason as well but have heard it absorbs everything so that too is a no go :( We are probably leaning towards a granite and quartz combo as I am hoping for different countertops on the island and perimeter that will compliment each other.

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I may be confused, but I believe that the great advantage of soapstone is that it absorbs nothing!

It can be nicked and scratched, though also I think those can be smoothed out somewhat. I really did want soapstone for those beautiful veins, too.

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Definitely start price comparing, even phoning around to local suppliers. I did that for my tub and have managed to save ~ $1500 off list price. I am not (or didn't used to be) comfortable asking for price matching, but once I started, I was AMAZED at how willing stores are to match. I also learned during my bath renos (too late for the kitchen), that plumbing supply places are open to the public (I just assumed they were for plumbers!), and often they have the best prices, AND they will price match or beat prices from other stores.

Re two bowls, another option is the 2 bowl where one side is much bigger/deeper than the other. Like you, I just couldn't give up being able to dish dry, and I have WAY too many dishes to dry alongside the dishes I'm washing in the same sink. I just leave my dish drainer in the smaller (though still deeper than my old 'ordinary' sink).

What I couldn't live without? My gooseneck faucet with pullout spray! I don't know if anyone considers anything else anymore. But I couldn't live in a kitchen without one. My vacpan is also indispensible...I don't even own a dustpan!

BTW I love that stone pic above, not clear whether that is a marble or not...gorgeous!

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Thanks for the tips Raehelen! I was thinking of going to a plumbing supply place to check on prices.
I am very interested in hearing what a vacpan is!
Yes the stone above is marble!

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Sammy62, we used granite on our 10' x 6' island and a very plain Silestone on the perimeter counters. I love that the granite is the star and the quartz fades into the background. :) Saw where you are considering something like that--just thought I'd tell you we love it.

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Thank you so much for your post Sum5463. That is exactly what I am looking for. In the end, Im not sure it will be granite or quartz or something else entirely but I do feel like the island will be a focal point as the cabinets on the perimeter (on both sides of the island front and back) will be cream and the island will be cherry. I'd like a wow factor for the island. Exciting but nerve wracking because you never want to make a decision you regret and cannot change.

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Vacpan is the greatest invention since sliced bread! LOL

If you have a central vaccum system, this fits in your toe kick area, and you just sweep all your debris into there, slide it open with your toe, and watch it all get sucked away!

Here is a link that might be useful: Vacpan

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in answer to your original question....
after some thought i love my garbage disposer...
i didn't have one for 17 years and i was so tired of emptying that disgusting strainer...
i don't throw everything down since i compost but just all those scraps and little pieces..its wonderful...
makes my life so much easier...also love my pull down faucet, first one for me and its the best!!!!

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Cabinets to the ceiling. Not very accessible but I refused to store my mothers Noritaki china in the basement.

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I'm kinda catching up here, and thank you, localeater! That's quite a responsibility.

Sammy, do you realize from the other thread that my sink is a Hawthorne? I love it, BUT BUT BUT I can't fit a big soup pot into it. Try washing a cookie sheet without directing water past the sink onto the counters, down the side of the cabinet, under it, to the floor, (mold) under it, to find the water running out of the front of your house because you forgot you were rinsing a hot baking sheet and left it running. (Stop me).

Anyway, that's the one where I won't buy another without taking my pot with me. As a matter of fact, I have two of these, about which I've written. They're not porcelain, they're enamel on cast iron. BIG difference.

$2100 is less than I would have paid. These used to be $2400, but even then, I belonged to DirectBuy and only paid 55% of retail. "Only." Right.

I still love my drawer under this thing. I refuse to crawl around on the floor anywhere to get something out of a base cabinet.

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CEFreeman I am buying a Kohler Dickninson 33" single apron front basin sink color sandbar.
This is a picture of my perimtier counters (Zodiac quartz) with the color of the sink tab on top, cabinet (off white color) sample and floor tile underneath.
My island will be Bianco Antico on cherry.
I ordered the sink Monday and was called today because they said it would be 4- weeks delivery time. Oh no no no! The girl called around and said now it will be 2-3 was that ok? Said yes because the white and bisque color sink I could get in 7 days did not look good with the Warm Taupe color quartz. Sandbar looked perfect.
Now waiting for them to call with the estimate for the floor and counters. I was wondering what exactly the cabinet maker needs to make the cabinet below the sink. The place I am ordering everything from has the same sink in one of their kitchen displays. Can't he just go there to look at the sink? Someone said they are all different? They are? Shouldn't all the 33" DIckninson sinks measure the same????

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" I like soapstone for that reason as well but have heard it absorbs everything so that too is a no go "

Soapstone is non-porous. It doesn't absorb anything! It does get scratches and nicks but they can be oiled/sanded out. Depends on what bothers you.

We've been functional for 1.5w and the things we're constantly blown away by are the big single bowl sink (having had double sinks all our lives) and the island. Both were must-haves and both are even better than we imagined!

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Did you say it's a copper sink? We got copper bathroom sinks from JHE Log Furniture Place; they have a lot of copper farmhouse style kitchen sinks. Different sizes, styles. The gauges are 14 - 16, depending on the sink, and their prices are much better than what you were quoted at Lowes. Excellent quality.

I agree, though - if you decide that sink is your "splurge", shop around. There is no point paying that much money unless you've concluded it's the best deal.

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