Bosch Vision 500 not drying clothes?

Jlb4August 14, 2011

Just had delivery of new Bosch Vision 500 yesterday. It's driving me crazy. No matter what I'm drying, load of socks & t-shirts or thin light weight comforter or cotton shirts, it does the same. I use "regular dry" timer starts automatically at 1:01, counts down to 0:50 then goes from 0:50 to 0:04, I wouldn't mind if the items were dry and I missed the 46 minutes of drying time because I assume it's to save energy if it detected clothes were dry but they are still damp. I ran most dry cycles 3 times before they were completely dry. It's driving me crazy because it gives me 15 minutes exactly on every load before it starts beeping at me that load is dry, I go back start it again and then yet again. I was under the impression these dryers were really good at drying? The washer is doing well so far. Can anyone help me with advice? I wonder if I should exchange for LG models? Even when I ran one load for "40" minutes instead of "regular dry", I had to run it twice. I bought these to save energy and time, it's taking me longer than my old 15 year old machines.

Thanks and hoping for advice!

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It sounds that your dryer is out of order. Call the shop for a new replacement.

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How damp is damp? Regular will leave a slight but noticeable amount of water in the clothes. Have you tried very or extra dry?

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