Blower Motor - Rip Off?

yagersmomDecember 10, 2007

I stumbled upon this forum when I found post where a similar question to mine was asked. I'm hoping someone out there can help me delve into this a little further than the other gal did.

The blower motor (Model #HD44AE131) went out a few months ago on our Carrier Heat Pump (Model #FK4CNF002). Our neighbor is a distributor/installer for Carrier so, of course, he promised a great deal. And why wouldn't we go with him? After all, he's the one we purchased the system from initially.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone know what the warranty should have been on this part? I was thinking 10 years. We purchased the system within the last 10 years. He tells us that the part was not covered under warranty.

2. Can anyone tell me what a distributor's cost would be for the motor? We really thought that he wouldn't charge us much, if anything, over his cost. We received a bill for $970. Not only did we about fall out of our chair when we saw the total, my husband went into the attic in 100+ heat, diagnosed the problem and removed the bad motor. We then had to wait a week to get the part. It was sent to our home. My husband went back up into the attic and installed the new motor. We were looking forward to the cost savings. Ha-Ha. Now, a technician did have to come out - he spent about 30 minutes here making some sort of adjustment. That's it.

So, I'm wanting to know just what it is that we are paying for. I know that I need to ask our neighbor. Before I do that, though, I want to be prepared by having done my own homework on the issue. Can anyone tell me what we should be expected to pay in such a situation? The bare minimum as well as the max? Yes, we're budget-conscious, but we're also fair. We just want to be sure that our neighbor is being fair as well.



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Most factory replacement motors have a 1 year warranty...a new furnace may have 5 years on certain parts. You'd just have to do some research on your paperwork..not familiar with that particular motor...Some brands have to have OEM replacements and can be expensive. If that's a DC variable speed motor they can be VERY pricy. If it's a universal replacement style, (and not saying it is), they cost my customers under 100. Prices vary from area to area around the country.

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Go to this link. You will find your part there. If the control module was changed out also, total is about $850. Have no idea who this is, just googled your motor part number.

Here is a link that might be useful: replacement parts

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Tinmantu: It is a variable speed motor. I'm sure that counts for much of the cost. Thanks.

Capecodcook: Thanks for the link. I actually had seen that, too. The fact that the motor is listed there for $500-something is part of what made me post my questions here.

I'm still eager to read what anyone else has to say.

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Factory branded replacement motors ARE pricey . . . . if there isn't a generic branded replacement available, you'll probably pay about triple (or more) what the motor actually should sell for on the open market because you're buying it from an 'authorized parts repair facility'

If you're lucky enough to have a model for which there is an off-brand, generic motor available, you'll easily save 2/3rds and probably even a little more

It's just the nature of the beast - When they know they have you over a barrel, it's just natural for them to whip the hell out of you, I guess :(


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This is the exact reason why I chose a 3-speed motor for my new Goodman air handler, even though there is a 10 year parts warranty. I didn't want to pay this ridiculous amount for an ECM motor if it should fail out of the warranty period, or if it had a more restrictive warranty because it was a motor.

The mark-up on HVAC parts is typically 300%.

My entire Goodman air handler was $700.

Good luck.

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$1000 for a blower motor? Not unless the windings were made of gold instead of copper.

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That blower motor is variable speed. If it is a Carrier branded motor, then yes-- it will be pricey but I think 970 is a little over the top, even my market which has some of the highest repair costs in the country. My flat rate price for this motor for a non contract customer is $650, plus the diagnostic fee.

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I agree with hiltonhead on this, even our flat rate pricing is not close to that.

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Your helpful neighbor needs the money or had no pull to get a employee discount.

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Nope, I personally think most people will eventually catch on. You are going to spend more money on a system that is energy efficient, the more efficient and cheaper to run the more it will cost you. But, alas, your energy bills have been cut drastically. But, here's the clincher, all that money you're saving,, you just get to keep it for a while. Those new energy efficient systems and some of their components are also considerably more to repair,,,,, there went your savings! They got you by the short hairs folks,,,one way or another.

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I stayed with the fixed speed motor for my new Goodman. The SEER rating was only .5 higher with the v-s (12.5 vs 12), the HSPF was actually lower (8.75 for v-s versus 9 for fixed speed), and the btu rating for the fixed speed was 1000 more than the v-s.

Plus, a $100 future motor replacement cost vs $1000? Sh%t, my entire air handler was only $700.

I'm sure the price of the v-s motor will come down in cost in the future as other mfrs begin to produce them. Currently, I believe only GE is the sole producer. V-S motors may also become standard for the compressor as well as the condenser fan, as mfrs continue to increase efficiency.

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This appears to be an R-22 Carrier Var spd air handler with a 5 yr warranty.


Warranty 5-year limited parts
Cooling Capacity (BTUH) 18,000 - 60,000
Controls Supported Thermidistat
Diagnostics --
Refrigerant R-22
Features Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Filter Washable Filter
Blower High efficiency, variable speed
Installation Multipoise
Construction 20-gage galvanized

Did your neighbor give you a deal? Don't think so...


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"Did your neighbor give you a deal? Don't think so..."

Nice neighbors. Maybe "Yagersmom" can return the favor one day - have your dog pee on their condenser - that'll teach 'em.

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To hell with the dog, they should do it themselves! :-)

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A V/S 3T motor cost to the distibutor with module is
Take carrier that in infamous with parts mark up 1.75%
and you get - $936.00 (58% G.P.)

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"A V/S 3T motor cost to the distibutor with module is
Take carrier that in infamous with parts mark up 1.75%
and you get - $936.00 (58% G.P.)"

- That mark-up is actually 75%. Ridiculous. She got screwed by her neighbor, and didn't even enjoy it. LOL!!

"To hell with the dog, they should do it themselves! :-)"

- I say we down some beers and do it ourselves.

Take care.

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