Fisher & Paykel washer oil/grease stains

contrailhAugust 6, 2009

I have a Fisher & Paykel Intuitive Eco washer, about 4 years old, that is leaving a clear grease or oil stain on our clean clothes. I have air dried clothes and found it, so I know it is the washer and not the dryer. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on what is causing it or how to fix it? Thanks!

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Do you typically wash in only cold water? Do you use liquid softener? What detergent(s)? The problem could be grunge/scrud build-up. Run the "Tub Clean" LifeCycle, with a couple cups of an *enzyme-based* (check the package label) POWDER dishwasher detergent. In an extreme case the inner basket may need to be pulled for access to clean the exterior of it, and the interior of the outer tub.

F&P washers don't have a transmission, so there's no oil or grease from such to leak out. There is some grease on the drive shaft bearings. It wouldn't normally get into the clothes, but I suppose that could happen.

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this happens to me too and it is driving me crazy. Seems to happen most often with sheets.

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We have a Fisher Paykel Eco smart GWL11 washer. Its about 5 or 6 years old. For the last 1-2 years we continually get clear oily / greasy spots on our clothes. They appear on front,back, randomoly. I have seen posts on forums with others having the same problem, but have not seen a posted resolution. We have tried, hot, cold, warm, different detergents, changed the hoses, take out the tube and cleaned all inside parts completely with no luck. Could the bearing in the bottom be leaking during spin cycles? If so, how much and how do I relace it.
Eric Wilson
Rowlett, Texas, USA

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If grease is escaping from the main bearing, you'd likely have seen evidence of it inside the tub when the machine was disassembled for cleaning ... and beneath on the motor area. A bad bearing & seal would also typically evidence water leaking and excess/abnormal noise during spin.

Sounds like you're having scrud, which is accumulated residue from a combination of minerals in the water, detergent, and fabric softener. What exactly did you disassemble for cleaning? You said "tube" above, but I assume that should be "tub" ... meaning you removed the inner basket, cleaned it, the agitator, and the interior of the outer tub?

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I have the exact same problem. It is so annoying!! I have had to stop using the sheet cycle after having several sets of sheets ruined. Now it's happening on other cycles as well, but usually when I'm washing sheets. Very strange and frustrating!

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Connie K

This happened to me, and it drove me crazy. IT took me awhile to finally realize it was the washer and not the dryer. A poster above mentioned scrud. That's exactly what it is. Our repair guy told me that it is a buildup of detergent. He took out the tub and cleaned everything thoroughly. Then he advised me to use much less detergent. We haven't had a problem since.

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I had the same problem and easily fixed it by unscrewing the cap at the top center of the agitator at the bottom of the washer barrel and cleaning out the crud that gets trapped there. It must come out onto the laundry from time to time particularly when sheets are being washed probably because they are less balanced and wobble the drum more than most loads.

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