Good price for a Trane 16 seer heat pump system

jstarnesDecember 5, 2007

Hello, I was wondering if $$9787 was a good price for a 16 seer 4 Ton heat pump system installed using my old duct work?

It is a change-out from my previous model. Thanks

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Sounds like a good price,very close to mine.There are a lot of variables with every job though.Make sure they are a comfort speacialist Trane dealer.That ensures you get a top notch installation because they must keep a high grade average with all their customers.The XL16i is my favorite system.

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Thanks for the info!
I am still in sticker shock and the estimates keep getting higher and higher and higher. I thought the competition would make the price go down a little.

I do have one other question, I have gas available and was thinking about going to a hybrid system. Living in Tennessee, would this be a wise move?
The sales person said that if it were him he would stick with electric because of the high price of gas. My Father has gas heat and they love it, cut it on and it's hot! Hot heat not cold heat! But then again the price for athe hybrid is $11038.

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A couple of questions.

What is your electric rate?
Does your utility offer any special rate for heat pump(electric) heating?

What is your natural gas rate? Do you use natural gas now?
If so, for heating and/or other uses?

I think the price quoted is on high side. I suggest you get a competitive quote on the American Standard equivalent Heritage 16. Am Std is Trane's sister company. And with prices like the quote mentioned, I would also get a price on a Carrier Infinity 4 ton HP system with Infinity control.


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Look at all the numbers. Trane pumps are light on heating, espcially when on an A coil for dual fuel. Also "16" model units may not hit 16 SEER in a lot of matches.

Example: most of the matches for the 3 ton 16i show a heat output around 30,000 BTU. Hmmm, where did the other 1/2 ton go? SEER runs 14-15. It does better with TWE air handler though with the new 039 air handler, output again is around 30K.

So look at and see output, SEER, EER and HSPF for the unit/coil combo you are choosing.

Get away from the 2 stage outdoor unit. That really adds to the cost of the job. That unit on low is effectively about 80% of high, you won't notice a real big diff. Also the dehumidification capability of the 16i on low cool is poor.

We just did a job using Nordyne (Tappan) equipment. Warranty blows away Trane's. 95% 2 stage variable speed furnace, 15 SEER R410a heat pump that qualifies for the tax credit so she's getting $500 off her taxes this year. Electronic air cleaner, UV bulb, chimney liner, Vision Pro IAQ, 10 year labor warranty on top of Tappan's 10 year parts and replacement pledge. Our price about what you are paying for the XL16i then take off the $500 tax credit. Oh and she got a new 50 gallon WH too. We also sell American-Standard but encourage people away from it just from the low heat output.

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1. The price of electricity is 7.17 cents per kilowatt hour.
2. natural gas is $7.04 per million Btu, I think?

Just talked to three dealers today.

One was here to sell me a Trane unit but before I could say anything he suggested a Carrier unit instead! That really threw me for a loop!

The other two said that Trane was the best on the market and didn't have near as many problems as Carrier.

All three liked the dual fuel idea.

Now I am really confused!

I am going with the dual fuel system for sure!
Do I go with Trane or do I go with Carrier Infinity?

Thanks again!

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May have found my answer!

Posted by aircooled (My Page) on Sat, Feb 3, 07 at 18:12

I sold and serviced American Standard/ Trane equipment for 11 years and it is great equipment. Made in Tyler, Texas.
I now work for a Carrier dealer and sell and service Carrier equipment, and in 2007 I would have to say that if you have the Carrier Infinity system there are NONE that would come close to it's performance and design. That includes American Standard/Trane.

But as other's have stated it is very important to have a manuel J load performed and manuel D duct design to insure the best performance from either system you choose.

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Carrier makes some good controls but their equipment is not even close to the quality of a Trane.Proof is in failure ratio of each equipment brand.I would stick with the Trane XL16i,it is a very good system with 10 year warranty and you can purchase 10 year labor with that.Every equipment brand has seer ratings all over the board depending on what is matched up, component wise.Warranty is a piece of mind but dont mean jack when its broke and your freezing or your hot and just spent a large sum of money for a new system.Trane is the most reliable system made and has been for many years now.Stick with the best ,you get what you pay for.We also sale every other brand but encourage people away from it because its cheaply built.

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I just got a quote today for the Trane 16i, 5 ton, with the dual fuel (heat pump/nat. gas), variable speed, and also live in TN (Nashville). The quote was for $19,264!! Granted, we are also considering 3-zones and an air cleaner with 12-month filters, and we are switching from two outdoor "package" systems, so there's some rejiggering of ductwork that has to happen. Would those things explain an $8,000 difference in price?

I sure thought close to 20,000 for a new system sounded nuts, but the HVAC guy did call it the "big Daddy" system. Am I being gouged with a golden stick here?


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Most people usually assume that by going to 1 system & zoning versus 2 systems that the price will be reduced dramatically. Not usually so. The price of the zoning controls & equipment is such that it mostly offsets the price of an additional system and in some cases can cost more.

Personally, I prefer 2 systems (since there is not much of a cost savings) for those occasions when 1 system fails there is still heating/cooling in the house.

To the OP's original question, I think the $10K price is somewhat high for a swap-out.

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I've lost a lot of faith in A-S/Trane with the higher SEER stuff for the reasons I mentioned. Hard to get higher SEER and the low heat output on the newer line of heat pumps.

Aircooled was a huge A-S fan until he started working with Carrier. I've never been a real Carrier fan but pretty much all I see is the cheap stuff hacked in cheap new homes. Their high end stuff is pretty impressive and certainly worth looking at. The Infinity zoning blows away anything else out there.

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save yourself from the confusion.Better companies usually cost more and with this kind of money i wouldn't take a chance on saving only $500 cause a poor install can cost you $$$$$.Trane is the best and i have access to two of the best names out there and would choose a Trane.If your going dual-fuel then dont worry about the heat output of the heat-pump.the gas will kick in at a balance point that can be adjusted especially if you use a lot of heat.Be sure to use a 95% furnace and it would be best to use the communicating version which is the XL20i.That will save you any wiring mistakes from the installers and give you an on-board computer to monitor it 24 hours a day.Choose wisely and remember skimping now will cost you dearly in the long run and leave you with that why did I do this feeling.Good Luck!Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!

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How much could I expect to pay for a Trane 16-seer gas pack/AC unit?

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