Bosch waster nightmare

PJEHAugust 12, 2011

Our 11 yr old Bosch washer broke early June. Told the repair would be $475 (part $350 - a mother board) we decided to bite the bullet & buy a new one, we were also told other things could start breaking, ie drum. Waited 3 wks for new one through Sears, it broke first day. Told we would need to wait 2 months for parts, (no one really knew what was wrong so ordered 3 parts), Sears ordered us another new washer. It is now broken also, after 4 loads. We have a demand water heater, which the old one worked fine with, it is a 240 plug in, same as old one, the outlet has been tested twice and everything is fine. The technicians have no clue why this keeps happening, Sears likely thinks I'm some washer witch. We paid $1200, have no workable machine have to wait a week ust to have someone look at it. We have a Bosch dryer so felt we needed to buy Bosch again, also have a small space and well water, the Bosch we owned and the one we bought are small, stackable, and use little water.

Does anyone have ANY idea as to what could be going on? Another other Bosch bad experiences?

Thanks for any ideas.

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Did the delivery personnel remove the shipping bolts from your washer?

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@PJEH: Exactly what aliceinwonderland_id said... bolts secure the drum and only euro models i think have these... most NA delivery folks don't know about this so this could be it. I would see just behind the washer towards the centre there should be 2-3 bolts. It's crucial they are removed before you run it for the first time... if you run it with the bolt even for a bit the damage is already done.

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2 brand new washers breaking immediately? I doubt it's a washer problem and suspect the other posts are right. It's probably not prepped/installed properly. Bosch makes a good washer.

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