My DIY Miele Cleaning Cycle - Some Observations

chefwongAugust 15, 2011

So after a futile discussion with Miele (to see if they had a firmware update for my 4840 washer for a clean cycle) if not a very thorough email to Miele with no response, I decided to try another ad-hock method.

As the machine was on a custom cycle, on sanitize, I removed the soap bin and fed hot water via a hose into the machine. After a certain period, the machine itself *purged* the the extra hot water out. So I suppose the sensor won't allow the water to go past a certain level.

As well, and maybe this is the reason there is not a cleaning cycle on the unit, is that after doing this, I def have water in my outer door. It's been drip-drip for at least 18 hrs now.... I tried to figure out removing the front bezel to let the water out with my *plastic prybars* with no luck. I can literally shake the door and you will heat the water splashing within the front door.

Based on the video of the 4842 in clean cycle, I suppose the front door on the 4840 is not designed as ~sealed~ as the latter model --- hence no wash cycle firmware update on Mieles part. Then again, I'm surprise/disapppointed that my email to them went into the phanthom zone with nary-nil a response.

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When I discussed this with a Miele Tech, I was told that on the succeeding models they simply decided to put it the Mastercare programs. Supposedly, it is the same as the Sanitize cycle.

I have to agreed with you on Miele's responses as they are bloody horrid. My wife and I are currently shopping for a new dishwasher to replace our ASKO that has lasted fourteen years. For California, Miele will only honor their warranty if you purchase it through an authorized Miele dealer in California. So we inquired and were told that the dealer had to display the Miele red signage in their establishment; not just a sign, but a special Miele sign. After getting the run-around we asked about a particular establishment and they said we had to look for this sign (unbelievable, and kid you not); I finally stated that if they wanted our business they would have to tell me over the telephone if the establishment we are seeking to purchase from was indeed one of their authorized dealer as they should know. At first, I was told that dealers change, whereby, I clearly enunciated that Miele controls all aspects of whom they authorize as dealers or not, and if they could not answer my question Miele would no longer be receiving our business. It was not until then that I received an answer. We are looking at the latest Miele top-of-line dishwasher (with taxes, setup, etc. over $3K) but have refrained after this debacle, and started looking again at ASKO.

Miele needs to contemplate getting its act together if they want to remain in business in the United States. To date, Miele holds the title as the most incompetent manufacturer of premium goods we have ever dealt with regarding customer service. I expected this tomfoolery from our teenager (thankfully, those days are over) but not from Miele. Other than the Miele Techs, the other Mieleians--in the States--don't know squat!

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@ fahrenheit_451

Miele cannot legally not honor their warranty if you purchased from an authorized dealer in another state. Miele cannot restrict you to buying only from a California dealer. That would unfairly restrict trade and would definitely be something the FTC would be interested in hearing about.

Also, the Sanitize cycle is very different from the Clean Machine cycle. The two have absolutely nothing in common except water temp.

@ chefwong

I'm not sure why you are trying so hard to simulate the new cleaning cycle? Why not just toss a few shop towels and rags into your machine and use the Sanitize cycle? It will get you 90% of the way there. Imagine the millions of machines that don't have a cleaning cycle and also don't have any problems...

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Miele cannot legally not honor their warranty if you purchased from an authorized dealer in another state.

We have looked into that, and Miele dealers outside California are strictly forbidden to sell to the State of California--under Miele orders. To test this we actually tried to place an out of state order and were told that they cannot sell it to us. Pretty much the way Apple is going these days (and I've been a Mac user for twenty-seven years) the walled garden approach. Controlling to say the least. Justified? That remains to be seen. ...I def have water in my outer door.

Are you saying that water has migrated between the two pieces of glass that constitute the porthole?

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farenheit - I would be so embaressed if the port hole was filled. NO. It's not that bad. It's the frame of the porthole/front door. If you swing the door back and forth, you can hear sloshing. As well as the inevitable slow drip that has been happening...

Actually I have done the firmware mod - and changed the water to max fill - I believe is the setting called. Having had comforters, etc in there.....the water level is nowhere as close to the level of the clean cycle I saw in the video posted - hence my attempt to duplicate the quite high water level

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...the water level is nowhere as close to the level of the clean cycle I saw in the video postedCould I trouble you to post this referenced video link? I've been in and out of the forum due to other obligations and must have missed this video. Thanks.

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I had to youtube search it, but here goes

Actually, when I re-review it, I suppose on a fully load, I can get the water to that level. And yesterday, while doing the water fill, it got to around that level before it actually purged some water out...

Hooking up a hose to feed water was not a huge ordeal. I just removed the spot head off the laundry sink, hooked hose and viola...

In the video linked, I don't know what that person has SOOOO many suds so. Even with straight bleach, I def have sudsing but nowwhere depicted in that .

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@ chefwong

While I understand your desire to duplicate the functionality of this cycle on your W4840, that machine was not designed for this cycle. That may be why water leaked into your door - Miele made changes to the glass design in the newer W4842 and may have also made other changes to accommodate the higher water levels of the Clean Machine cycle.

There are many, many pleased owners of W4840 machines that do not have issues keeping their machines clean. I remember you had a mold issue before, but if you got that under control you should be fine simply by doing regular HOT or SANITIZE washes. If you want something close to the Clean Machine cycle, just use the SANITARY cycle and throw half a load of rags in there to keep the suds down. Add citric acid to remove any calcification (if you have hard water) or sodium carbonate (wash soda) if you want to "de-gunk" your machine. Add chlorine bleach as usual to the bleach compartment. Do not use them together.

I think you will find the SANITARY cycle may actually do a better job than a Clean Machine cycle simply because the SANITARY cycle runs for a much longer period of time. Give it a try!

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Agree with sshrivastava. It's an excellent alternative procedure for any machine with a "sanitary" cycle option. No need to get crazy trying to make your machine do something it can't do.

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From the W 4842 video referenced at the 0:34 marker you see this:

Note the configuration of Sanitize and No spin in the photograph above. The W 4840 the owners manual references you to use the Sanitize cycle that automatically consists of the following: Sanitize > Max spin > 2:31 h

You can configure the W 4840 to achieve this: Custom > Sanitize > No spin > Heavy Soil > Extended > Sensitive > 2:13 h

Can someone with a W 4842 please select the Clean Machine cycle and post this cycle's allotted time? Thank you.

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@ chefwong

When I said "do not use them together", above, I meant do not use citric acid and washing soda together. One is an acid, the other a base, so they will neutralize each other.

@ fahrenheit_451

The only problem with using the Custom cycle is that you give up your higher rinse levels if you have turned on "Maximum Water Level" in the programming menu. In Custom, the program menu options are ignored. I don't think chefwong will be happy with the very low water level in Custom. I believe you will get higher levels by enabling "Maximum Water Level" and using the SANITIZE cycle.

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I don't think chefwong will be happy with the very low water level in Custom.One of the tricks to getting higher water levels--provided you do not have low water pressure--is to set the firmware selection of "Low Water Pressure" to YES as that is not a level determined value, but a timed value. Given Miele's own descaler of 8.5 oz of citrus acid, I would personally want lower water levels to achieve better cleaning power of the citric acid or whatever cleaner you choose to use.

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Miele recently changed their product distribution strategy in California. Appliance dealers simply enter orders they receive into Miele's computer system, then Miele delivers and installs the appliances.

I recently bought a dishwasher through my local appliance dealer, who is an Authorized Miele Direct Seller, and the entire experience was a bit strange since they logged into Miele's website and helped me place an order on the Miele site instead of just putting it with the other stuff I ordered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Find a Miele Direct Seller

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