Manual for an old Maytag dryer

mr_momAugust 24, 2010

I can't find the manual for my old used Maytag dryer (made in 1989). Even Maytag doesn't have it anymore (don't keep 'em past a certain age). I can't see paying upwards of $30 many websites ask just for answering this question. All I'm looking for is operators literature for a maytag dryer model DE612. Simply need to know how to properly use all the settings on the "dash board." Anybody have any ideas?

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I don't have an instruction manual but I found a picture of the control panel online. Looks pretty simple & standard.

Push to Start
Press Care On/Off
Normal, Delicate, Air Fluff temp choices
Auto-Dry Regular cycle
Auto-Dry Perm Press cycle
Timed Dry cycle

Press Care runs an extended air-tumble period at end of the Perm Press cycle to help prevent wrinkles as might occur if the clothes were left stationary in the drum. This is intended for use if someone isn't available to unload immediately when the cycle finishes. Some dryers run a continuous tumble for the allotted period. Others run a brief tumble (30 seconds) every 5 mins. Usually the end-of-cycle buzzer triggers frequently during the tumble period as a reminder to unload.

Time Dry cycle, of course, runs for the selected number of minutes.

Auto-Dry works off the heating thermostat. Instead of setting a running time in minutes, the operator sets a dryness level for the load on a scale ranging from Less Dry to More/Very Dry (the mid-point is considered "Normal" dry). The machine varies the cycle time based on how much heating is needed for load size, moisture content (faster/slower spin speed in the washer removes more or less water), and other such factors.

Delicates can be dried on either Auto Regular or Auto Perm Press.

Timed Dry & Auto Regular probably have a 5-min cool down before shutting off. Auto Perm Press has a longer cool down, possibly 10 mins, then either shuts off or continues into the Press Care extended tumble.

Per the parts info I found, Regular temp is 150°F. Delicate is 140°F.

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