Depth Issues w Gas Dryer 26' max

IgnatiaAugust 23, 2011


I searched and the products that were suggested years ago are no longer made.

I just bought a little Spanish 1924 bungalow and the laundry area is 30 inches deep. I am finding nothing offered that can fit into this space after I take off 4 inches for the gas vent.

Does anyone know of a washer/gas dryer preferably stacked that is 26 inches in depth? I also prefer front loading but I'm getting desperate.

I called the woman who owned the house before me and she measured her Frigidaire which was 26 inches. The model is no longer made.

Any suggestions? BTW, it vents are the rear/bottom.

I would prefer to avoid the expensive of having to rewire for electric.

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Ignatia, with the washing machines getting bigger and bigger by the day most current models don't even fit into laundry spaces designed in the 80s...

My advice would be to go to a local appliance store (preferably an independent one, not a big box like Lowes or HD) and see if they can help. A friend of mine bought a house recently and had a similar issue with her laundry space (her house was built in the 60s). She went to a small local appliance store in town and it turned out that the staff there was very familiar with her issue - they confirmed which subdivision her house was in and recommended a set of machines that was guaranteed to fit. All houses in that subdivision have the same laundry configuration and they worked with a number of homeowners there so they were familiar with the issue and the exact dimensions.

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Yes, that was my next step. I'll see if there are mom and pop places in L.A.

Sadly, I was shocked that even Sears [Kenmore] did not have a model I could use. And the websites of Maytag, Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool,Samsung, Speeed Queen, Hotpoint,Amana, Electrolux, LG, and others do not show a washer and dryer that fits.

My other alternative is having them punch through the wall in the closet.

So aggravating. If I had known when I bought the house ...

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That is really too bad. We moved to a house built in 1988 a few years ago. I was very happy to have laundry on the first floor but I soon discovered that my laundry closet was too small to accommodate most of today's washers. I bought a smallish LG set last year that is a tight fit in my space. Most current models of any make were too big to fit in my space.
You could try smaller European models from Bosch or Asko and see if that is an option for you. Do you need large capacity?

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We're having the same problem but with new construction -- architect malfunction. (And you think you're frustrated!) Anyway, here's what I've found so far:

On the high end, the Mieles are still 24" deep. At the more reasonable price point, the Fisher Paykels are 25" deep and I think I remember their website saying they could vent from the bottom or the side(but they seem to be trouble-prone unless you pay attention to how the pump is working). Maytag Centennials (TL) are 27". There are some basic Kenmores that are about 26" -- search for "flatback" to find the dryers that can sit flush to the wall. And that's about it.

What my contractor suggested is recessing or running the venting between the studs in the wall. Easier to do when still in the building stage, but perhaps easier and less disruptive for you than breaking thru into the closet completely...

Good luck,


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Oops, sorry Ignatia. I completely spaced on the "preferably stacked/FL" part of your question. Can't help with those configurations. Sorry.

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Thank you for your post.

Actually, I called an installer this afternoon and he ran the dimensions through his system and the best he could come up with was a 27" and I would not be able to close the doors.

As I am typing I am waiting the arrival of a contractor/appliance installer who supposedly is used to dealing with these things.

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