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dexteroniDecember 8, 2010

Hello, this is my first time here but there's so much good information, and I was hoping that someone could give me a bit of advice.

We are replacing our 21-year old gas furnace that has rust, holes, and a crack. Our house is small, around 1350 s.f., old but fairly well insulated, and has newer windows.

The heat load analysis has determined that we need around 57,000 BTUs. We've had quotes for models ranging from 60,000 - 80,000 BTUs. They are all 95% - 96%, to qualify for the tax credit.

Here are the quotes:

Amana AMH95 - single stage - 70,000 BTU - $2500

Amana AMV95 - 2-stage, variable speed - 70,000 BTU - $3200

American Standard Freedom 95 - single stage - 60,000 BTU - $2279

American Standard Freedom 95 - 2-stage variable speed - 60,000 BTU - $2589

Carrier Comfort 95 - single stage - 80,000 BTU - $2860

Goodman GMH95 - 2-stage, variable-speed - 70,000 BTU - $2580

Trane XR95 - single stage - 60,000 BTU - $2800

Trane XV95 - 2-stage, variable-speed - 60,000 BTU - $3600

Which of these models are good or bad? I think I understand the advantages of the 2-stage, variable-speed models - quieter, more efficient. Do you think it's worth the increased cost? Especially with the Trane - it seems to have a good reputation, but is by far the most expensive. And what about the BTUs - is 60,000 too few at a 95% efficiency?

If you need any more info to give a good evaluation, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!

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what is your location?

out of those listed, this would be my choice.

American Standard Freedom 95 - 2-stage variable speed - 60,000 BTU - $2589

it is identical to the XV95 at bottom of your list.

you will need a good two stage thermostat like the HW 8000 series.

any plans for a good filter cabinet? I would definitely get one like the Honeywell 200.

what about AC needs?


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tiger - Thanks! We're in Cleveland, OH.

All of the quotes include a new programmable digital thermostat appropriate for the furnace. None of them mentioned a specific thermostat model - should I ask?

The most commonly quoted air cleaner is the Aprilaire 2210. Is that a good model?

The AC is newer and is in good shape.

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you will cripple the capability of a nice two stg furnace without a good matching two stage thermostat. ask for HW 8321 with humidity sensor.

I would opt for the HW 200 air cleaner over the Aprilaire.


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