Favorite top-load washer with allergen or sanitary setting?

threeapplesAugust 15, 2012

I need to make a decision by tonight and am at my wits-end trying to come up with something that has this feature, but is not front-loading.


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why do you want a top loader???

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i had too many problems with mold on the rubber seal portion on my bosch front loader. i absolutely hated it and everyone i know with a front loader of any brand has this problem.

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interesting that you had mold on your bosch.
I have a 41/2 year old bosch with not a hint of mold.
I do several sanitary cyles a week and several hot cyles a week. I do not use fabric softener.

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I have the Lg wave force with sanitary cylce...it seems to work well, thought it does not get to 160 as advertised, LF says that is a misprint

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threeapples, I don't have ANY trouble with mold and many other FL washer owners don't, either. Chalk it up to poor care, on your part--nothing more.

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Currently, the NSF home page only lists four manufacturers as having sanitizing TL washers: GE, LG, Samsung and Whirlpool/Maytag.

LG WaveForce, GE and Kenmore Elite are all basically the same unit. GE states that their Sani cycle goes up to 140F. The same might actually also be true for the other two models, esp. since gates1 said his WaveForce doesn't hit 160 as claimed.

Whirlpool and Maytag heat up to 120F, unless the cycle was changed. The key for their cycles is to add an oxy product to achieve sanitation performance, hence the cycle's name Sanitary with Oxi.

Samsung's Sanitary cycle went up to 120F, too - according to washerdryerinfo.org.

Allergene cycles on top loaders (I think that's Whirlpool only?) don't heat all that high but rather use several deep fills (like a deep-water wash and rinse) to flush out stuff.

Dryers can sanitize, too, basically over-drying lauundry on a high heat setting.


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