Trane vs. Rheem

warbeagleDecember 20, 2007

I have two prices for units

Trane TUCIC100A948 XR 80 furnace

with a XL 14 A/C w/coil 4 ton



Rheem Rand-060Y*Z 5 ton w/coil -AC

The Rheem units are more efficient(90% vs. 80% Trane), and The Rheem AC is larger, 5 ton vs 4 ton (rheem)

both service providers have a good reputation

what would your guess as to the difference in value of these two systems cost?

NOTE: The Rheem guy did a complete house analysis, measured everything, so he seemed to be more concerned with sizing my system correctly, so I am assuming he is more on target with what I need. Let me know your thoughts

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The Trane furnace model number you have is a XB90 furnace 90%.I would want to see the load calculations before you decide what size.We can help you with the total capacity for each system if you list the evap coil numbers quoted.I would shy away from the Trane dealer that did not run a load calculation and is just replacing what you have.Capacity changes greatly depending on the seer rating and the matched equipment components.I prefer Trane over all other brands but would insist on more professionalism.Rheem makes decent units and if you feel good about the contractor it sounds like he is trying to earn your bisuness.Quotes vary from one brand to another.Trane is usually more expensive equipment.Sounds like apples to oranges so I would get at least one more quote.

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Don't let the 14 in the Trane model # fool you, on a builder standard blower furnace, you'll be lucky to get 13 SEER!

Personally I'd prefer the Rheem system myself. Sounds like he did a very thorough job scoping out the house too.

Prices should be similar.

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He said nothing about a standard furnace and Trane does not build a builders model.They do however build a standard 80% furnace.The Xl14i needs to be matched with the proper evap coil a variable speed furnace for maximum seer and efficiency.It is a total comfort high end system.I can match a XL14i system for warbeagle with a 14.25 seer rating or he can go with a XR14 model.

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Don't forget to look at the TAX REBATE issue .... to get that you need 95.5% eff and I believe 16 seer on the air.

I priced several systems... ( 4 - 5 ) finally found someone who was willing to give a good deal. Amana 10 year wart. 95.5% and 16 seer dc fan motor. Very happy with it. 75 000 btu furnace 3 ton air complete with 4 inch filter and humidifer. 4,600 out the door.

Cut my bills in half. ( Trane and Reem were about 7,500 for about the same system)

good luck

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That's a great price, Scott.

You really did your homework.

Amana has a fantastic warranty.

Good luck.

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What is a builder model furnace? One with less features and less warranty.

While the Tranewashed would say they don't make a builder 90, what is the XB90 then?

One of the few furnaces on the market with the old silicon carbide ignitor... vs SiNi on the XR90 and almost everything else

20 year heat exchanger warranty vs lifetime on the XR90 and most other 90s. And some 90s will even give you a new furnace if the heat exchangers fails.

So, yes, the XB90 qualifies as a builder model. Until recently, you couldn't even run an intake pipe to it.

Even with VS, can be hard to get 14 with a "14 SEER" A-S/Trane A/C. My co-worker tried the other day with an A-S Allegiance 14 and A-S version of XV80. In this size A/C and furnace, can't do it. Goodman can with just a coil match!

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Trane builds a base line of equipment.Other brands build builder models with cheaper materials and stick another name sticker on them.Take Rheem for instance they call theirs Weatherking.Carrier has many spin of brands that are builder models.York does it as well as most others.Trane builds a base models with the XB series but if it makes you feel better you can call it a builders model.

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