Maytag Maxima 7000 dryer

ladyverAugust 5, 2011

For a year we knew our dryer was on the verge of dying, so when it finally died we were tossed up between the Miele and the Maytag Maxima. We wound up going with the Maxima 7000 series, and it did a load of towels just fine. I threw in a king sized vellux blanket last night, and the dryer had it balled tight within 3 minutes flat! I went back to it 6 times, threw a towel in there, changed settings, and NOTHING worked. I'm used to fitted sheets balling up, but I never had an issue with this blanket in my old dryer. Is this an issue with this line or are all these new fancy dryers doing this? I'm about ready to return it, but don't want to change out to find out that most dryers do this!

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ladyver: from my reserach this is one of hte biggest complaints for a lot of washer/dryer combos... the miele fans claim miele is the only one that does not ball up towel/sheets...

I was initially loooking at whirlpool and decided on samsung instead but same issue exists with samsungs so looking at elux now.

Failing everything i may miele it or just stick to samsung/elux.

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... the miele fans claim miele is the only one that does not ball up towel/sheets... And the Miele fans are wrong. Fisher & Paykel's topload dryer has reverse tumble, works quite nicely for bulky items - sheets, blankets, etc. I've owned/used one for 6 years. They currently offer 3 models, each available in either electric or gas.

Fisher & Paykel dryers

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@dadoes: Good to know i will add that to my research list.

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Good to know, thank you! I'm doing a laundry marathon this weekend and hoping that the issue only happens with the vellux. I can always hope, right? I'm probably going to wind up buying a bag of tennis balls, too, just to try. At least the Labs will be happy. Still thinking of making the return and going with Miele, despite their overly crappy attitude towards wanting new customers (long story). Do they ever offer any relief from their extended warranty and installation/delivery charge? All three of those things are an extra $1000 on TOP of the cost of the washer and dryer.

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