Dry rack in dryer is worth having?

momomomoAugust 4, 2010

I just want ot know dryrack in LG dryer is effective and worth it?

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I use mine. This is the second dryer that I've purchased with a rack. I use it for place mats. Stack and smooth on the rack. Midway thru split them and flip. Also works for napkins. I also use it for sweaters or something that needs to be blocked but you want low heat. Tennis shoes you don't have to hear the thump, thump, thump. Ski gloves and hats. I'm not much for waiting for stuff to set around and dry. And where I live clothes lines are not allowed.

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I use mine also, for bra's, ball caps, house shoes, anything you don't want to tumble or need to keep it's shape. Try it once and you will really like it.

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I use mine too. Great for flat drying sweaters on low. And shoes. Hats too.

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We just got a new LG dryer with the drying rack. When we run the rack dry cycle the drum still spins. LG support said this was normal (after having to check with a technician), but I'm wondering why they say you can't use the rack on any of the tumble cycles if the rack spins on the rack dry cycle anyway? Without the using a tumble cycle we can't use steam.

Do any of your dryer drums spin on the rack dry cycle and if so, have you used other tumble cycles with the rack and had any problems?

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Yes. The only ones I'm aware that stopped the drum were Norge units of years ago (and some Montgomery Wards Signature that were sourced from Norge). The rack hung laterally across the drum baffles, a mechanism disengaged the drum drive so it didn't tumble.

Probably the reason for the warning against using other than the designated "Rack Dry" cycle is that the usual auto-dry (moisture sensor) cycles won't work if there aren't clothes tumbling and brushing against the moisture sensor bars. Any timed-dry cycle should work, however, not only the designated Rack Dry cycle.

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I was surprised, when we bought our GE Harmony set, that it doesn't have a no-tumble cycle for rack drying. Since it has separate motors for the drum and the fan, and they are both controlled by the microprocessor, it would have been trivial to implement. And with a no-tumble cycle you could have a multi-level rack and dry more stuff. As it is, the single rack, although it sounds ideal for sweaters and such, has so little surface area that if you dried a whole load it would be one piece at a time, which obviously would take forever. The only thing we use our rack for is sneakers.

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