obtaining new heating cooling system

kay51December 12, 2011

I am replacing my system which is >20yrs. I have quotes for trane systems

One is two stage 16 seer, 95% heating high efficiency circ blower with media air cleaner , humidifier 10yr parts, for $7770.

Next was 16 seer 95% one stage high efficiency with air cleaner , humidifier 10 yr parts for $6380

My home is in ks, warm summers with humidity and cool winters. Home is 2 story cape code-windows are not very good.

Just wondering if really needed two stage for difference in price.

I was not given model #'s. Should I obtain model #'s to be sure?

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The answer to your last question is yes. Model #'s would be real important here. Depending on the models they are putting together to get the 16 seer efficiency there could be a world of difference in the 2 quotes.

post back the model #'s

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The models they are stating for upper one is
XV95 for heating and
XL16-I for ac.

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What about the other? need to know the models of each in order to make a comparison of the 2 quotes. Then I can better answer your question of is the upgrade in price worth it.

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