noisy HVAC -- do I really need ventilation/louvred door?

EngProfDecember 21, 2013

Hi, everyone.

Recently put an addition on my house. Now that the heating season is here, I'm noticing that the HVAC air handler is noisy. Not "rattle rattle," but the blower. (I think.) Before I call contractor (who has not been very responsive), I really would prefer to get rid of the ugly louvred door on the machine closet. Go w/ a solid door.

Very important: this is an ELECTRIC unit. Not gas.

Anyone aware of a reason I can't have a solid door & no venting? (There are separate return ducts.)

Unit is a Ruud RHSL-HM2417JA. The manufacturer's installation instructions say it's permitted to install in a non-ventilated space. I can't find anything in the Code that says it needs airflow from the house.

Just for clarity: I have 2 large, common air-returns (one on each floor, each serving 500 sq feet). So I don't believe the louvred door is meant to act as a return.

Do I have to call contractor or his HVAC guy on this?

NOTE: only other thing in closet is an electric water heater. Not a tankless heat-pump water heater. Just ordinary electrical.

Thanks for any help.

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instead of changing doors...why not just put
sheetrock on the inside of the louvered door?

is it he noise of the air handler?
maybe it should be set to lower fan speed...
that is something I'd ask my hvac guy.

is the top of the closet sealed to the attic?
or open around the plenum?
just asking because I see closets open to
the attic pretty regularly.

best of luck.

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You answered your question whjle researching installation instructions. It's possible the closet once contained a gas appliance and they were getting combustion air from indoors. We would all likly scratch our head if we could ask the person who installed the louver "why".

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It isn't much of a technical matter I suppose. There might be a need for minor adjustments for nothing major needs to be done. You need not worry. This problem can be easily fixed. But it requires an inspection.

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what does your post mean specialtyairinc?

why would OP need an inspection to modify or
change the door to a heating closet with
electric heat?

they used to put gas furnaces in closets with
louvered doors, combustion air came through
louvers. not very common to see this these days.

best of luck OP

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"what does your post mean specialtyairinc? "

energy, can you spell t-r-o-o-l ? And most likly a fly by night operator that begrudges homeowners doing simple cost saving jobs instead of calling him.

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not sure. Did you mean t-r-o-l-l?

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Thanks for input. I think I might also lower the fan speed, but I am going to start with the door. I think the louvers are unattractive, among other things. The contractor chose it w/o giving me a heads-up. There was never a gas anything there ... brand new closet. (Contractor subjected me to commercial code specs for a little while until I caught on. My toilet locations were nearly chosen by rules that don't apply to a home.)

Has anyone here has experience attaching Dynamat to an HVAC to tamp down noise, or does that cause you flashing red light worries?

Again, much appreciated.

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isn't dynamat something used in racing industry?

I'd look at ductboard to line closet & door if
lowering fan speed isn't an option.

even it the furnace isn't gas use of
fire proof materials should be used.
ductboard, sheetrock both have fire

what does hvac contractor have to say?

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