Breaker panel in laundry room.

Liya_2012August 7, 2012

Yah yah, i know it's my fault for buying a new house on a whim! But hubby knew it was IT the second he saw it.

Anyways back to the subject, as I said in an earlier post the dryer doesn't have a ventalation in the laundry room, so we went yesterday to the new house to try to figure it out and noticed that the "breaker panel" is in the laundry room!!! Isn't that dangerous? isn't that a fire hazard? It's next to the washer/dryer!! Will moving the washer/dryer to the other end of the room make things safer? Or is all in my head and you see no problem of having the breaker panel in the laundry room? There is an AC in the room so it's not expected to get really hot.

Thanks in advanced.

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No concern at all.

The breaker panel in my house is in a broom closet in the laundry room. Nothing at all hazardous about it.

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Thanks dadoes, great to know. Kitchen ... done. Laundry room ... done. Bathroom time ;)

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My laundry room NOW. Can't wait for the after.

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If your work has been properly permitted, through your city/county, then your contractor will have to abide by all applicable Building Codes.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but where is the "washing machine outlet box?" There should be a box installed up above the top of the washer where you can turn the water on and off and also hang your drain from your washer. I also do not see power for your electrical dryer, or a gas hookup if you are doing a gas dryer. By your previous post it showed sink against wall then washer and dryer. This looks like it would put the dryer in front of the panel. You don't want to block access to your panel.

By your current picture it looks like they plan on putting the washer/dryer by the wall and then your sink. As fahrenheit mentioned, is the contractor going by applicable building codes?

Here is a link that might be useful: Venting the Dryer Dilemma

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fahrenheit and housefairy I asked about the building codes and from what I gathered they didn't break any. But it seems the laundry room was an after thought and not well planned.

Housefairy honestly I know nothing about laundry rooms, the most I've ever did was/is removing the lint after each cycle (hide in shame).

There is no place to turn the water on or off, i'm not even sure if I have that in my current home. If you look closley at my picture you will see three thingys (for lack of better words) two are for cold and hot water to the washer, and a bigger one in the middle for water out from the washer.
Dryer they only provided electricity plug, and in an inconvenience place!! We already spoke to the electrician to add two more and lower to the floor.

The computer picture was given to us with the house, the cabinets are provided, but we need to buy the washer/dryer and we are planing to get the Front load one and stack the dryer over it.

Thanks soo much for your input.

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The wires in your pictures look like just regular (110) electrical plug wiring. Do you have one outlet with 4 thicker wires (220)? Dryers, since early 2000's, require a 4 wire plug for US electrical code on all new installs. The plug will be a funny shaped large 4 blade. I would think there is also some code about how far it has to be off the ground in case the washer overflows.

There is a plumbing and electrical forum. You could question them (with pictures) to see if they think this is an issue.

Per the link:

A standpipe must extend at least 600mm (24") above the trap weir and terminate above the flood level rim of the washing machine(above the top of the washer). A washer box is typically installed at a height of 42" from the floor to the bottom of the box, as long as that height is above the washing machine's flood level rim.

Again I would think there has to be shutoffs for the washer/dryer especially if this is a new build. Check with your local municipality, don't take the person trying to sell you the home to give you the correct answer. Personally I would want it changed before any cabinets were installed. Whatever you do buy the hoses that shut off if a leak is detected.

I have no issue with the panel being in the laundry room. I would just question (the electrical forum) if there is some code about how close a panel can be to a water source. Possibly the picture makes the panel look closer than it really is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washing Machine Plumbing Installation

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