Toploader MOLD!

dadoesAugust 26, 2012

Toploaders don't develop mold/smutz like frontloaders? Really?

I found this picture on another board. It's the tub cover from a Maytag Performa toploader, after much of the residue had *already* been cleaned off. The individual who was dealing with the machine said that the surface of the outer tub and outside of the inner basket above the water line had the same coating of residue ... and that only cold-water washing had been done with suspected insufficient (liquid) detergent for approximately the past 3 years.

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Indeed, our Kenmore (Whirlpool-made) agitator top loader was moldy inside, judging from how our stuff smelled when it came out of the washer, and also when it got wet again after being dried. We did warm and hot washes, and didn't skimp on the liquid Tide detergent. In hindsight, I suspect that my use of fabric softener was largely responsible for the problem.

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EEeeeeeew! I am appropriately (and sufficiently) grossed out.

My 80-something y/o mother always (always!) left the lid open on the top-load washer. Her reasoning was to prevent a dark, damp environment for mold to grow. I always followed the same practice.

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