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claudialina10August 4, 2010

Just bought the Bosch Axxis Washer/Dryer. Compact size, 24" (which I needed b/c of space restraints). I bought the electric vented dryer.

Does anyone have any comments on these appliances?

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Hi Claudialina10, I am in the market for a compact washer and dryer b/c I live in an apartment.

Did you have to get a "condensation" dryer, or is your dryer vented?

I have heard good things about Bosch and LG. Miele is more expensive and breaks more, according to my building handyman.

I posted here with questions but so far no one got back to me. However, I think you can feel good about the Bosch brand generally.

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Do a search on "Bosch Axxis" and you'll find a whole page of threads about them. Very good machines IMO, full-size capacity despite small outside dimensions. 240 volt power for the washer is a major advantage - it fills with cool water and quickly heats it up to higher temperatures, which is good for energy conservation, better cleaning, and less time.

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I also bought the Axxis+ washer with vented electric dryer which I'm stacking. I have not installed these completely because of some plumbing and other work I'm close to finishing in the laundry closet. When ready I will provide a review on these units.

claudialina10, I have done extensive research on the best compact front load for my limited space and I choose these units. Also, like lee676 said, I have the washer set up for cold water input only(with a Y connector) and let the washer heat the water.

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It's unnecessary to find a Y piece to hook up to only cold water - all you have to do is hit the "Heavy Duty" option and the washer will fill with only cold water and heat it up to the desired temperature.

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Thanks oaa9898,

I'm talking about using cold water input all the time. My water heater is a good 25 feet from the washer. Instead of taking the "hot" water out of the pipes just enough to tease the hot water heater in coming on for nothing, I can heat the water using the washer.

So the way you describe, you connect hoses normally and then WHEN you want cold water input, use Heavy Duty? Good point.


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I bought the vented dryer because I have venting access. Not sure about the condensation one - I have never researched those types of dryers.

Another question for the board - I'm contemplating getting the pedestals for the units (11" high) to make it more comfortable. But they are pricey - $500 for both! Does anyone have a handmade platform for front loaders? How'd you make them?

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I purchased the Axxis last year for our summer cottage - I initially set out to purchase a reg size but ended up needing a smaller size - I was quite surprised by the capacity of this machine! I initially passed it over saying "that is way too small" - Thus far I have been very pleased with the machine - No dryer -

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Hi - I've had a Bosch Axxis washer and dryer for about 10 years. They've been reliable and clean clothes very well. I think their capacity is good, although they won't accommodate large comforters etc. I would definitely buy Bosch again. We stacked ours, but my sister-in-law has exactly the same set and put them side by side. Her husband built pedestals for them, each contains a drawer. It's a pretty slick setup.

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There are several models of the AXXIS line in the US. We own the was24460uc. It is a very good washer. See my previous posts on it.

As for dryer, we have a Siemens condensor dryer next to it (not stacked). Siemens and Bosch are essentially the same company and the same product. Siemens pulled out of the US market about 1-2 years back and they rely solely on the Bosch name now. Quality should be the same.

The condensor dryers are very nice option if you don't have a vent handy. This dryer went in the basement and there was no easy (meaning inexpensive) way to vent. It does a pretty good job. You will NOT get that crisp dry that you may be used to with a vented dryer, but it will get the clothes dry.

Don't believe what your handyman said about Miele. We own their products too and they are just as good if not better than the Bosch. They do cost more though. In addition they stopped offering their 220V washer models in the USA. For washers in the compact range, Bosch is the best in the US right now.

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